» Forest, dorito, landing strip or bare?
Forest, dorito, landing strip or bare?
Posted on March 7th, 2005 in Uncategorized

Best weekend EVER! I had SO much fun in Big Bear with Pammie, Edgar, Gerald, Meehchelle, Vince, Tracee, Julian, Errol, Jay and Brian. We met up at Edgar’s house around three in the morning and got to Big Bear around 6 a.m. I almost threw up from all the curvy roads driving up the mountain (you weren’t kidding, Chel!). I was seriously dry heaving in the Starbucks bathroom. We stopped on the side of the road to take pictures of the beautiful snow and people were injured! LOL LOL LOL. Meehchelle was the first one to slip and fall on her butt… Julian slipped on the ice, scraped his arm, and slid halfway under the van… Pammie was so distracted laughing at Julian that she lost her balance and slipped also. Haha. We were a little early for the slopes so we stopped by our cabin to check it out. “Our Place” was so cute with it’s little bobsled course on the side of it. We went to Bear Mountain afterwards… just up the street from our cabin! It took Pammie and Meehchelle ten years to get their rentals, so Edgar, Jay and I waited for them while the rest of the set hit up the slopes. Errol, Julian, Brian and Vince turned into pro-snowboarders in the hour it took us to get everything settled. WTF? This was my third time snowboarding, and I still sucked hardest core. Meehchelle and I have accepted the fact that we are uncoordinated and anti anything that requires physical skill. Haha. Gerald did his best to instruct us, but I almost took him down the mountain with my ungraceful ass. All the while, Pammie and Tracee and the boys were zooming past us like effin pros! Meehchelle and I are scared of breaking our legs and dying, so I think our fear keeps us from being able to snowboard. That and our lack of balance. We decided that we were over boarding and headed down the slope to chill with Jay (who refused to snowboard because he almost cracked his sternum in half the last time we went!). We ate some $10 Disneyland meals and took some much needed naps in the lodge. Everyone gathered around mid-afternoon to go back to the cabin. It was snowing really hard at this point and the toasty cabin was so comforting. We all took showers (some of ours were ICE COLD…. Thanks, JULIAN!) and chilled for the rest of the night. Jay made us spaghetti and we made s’mores in the fireplace. Pammie bought like ten thousand Hershey bars from the market down the street LOL. It was like we were at home. We rocked the Magic Mic, smoked hookah, played poker and drank. I fell asleep on the couch during Julian’s rendition of some Time Life Soul song and woke up at 11 p.m. thinking that it was four in the morning. We were all so tired from not sleeping the night before and being out in the snow all day. Everyone decided to go to sleep, so Gerald and Ed slept downstairs while the rest of us went upstairs to get ready for bed. I wasn’t sleepy since I had just woken up from my nap, so I went downstairs to make some hot chocolate. Brian, Julian and Errol were in the kitchen wide awake, too. I could hear Pammie, Jay and Meehchelle laughing their asses off upstairs. I guess we weren’t going to sleep after all. I went upstairs and had some hilarious times that will remain unmentioned! Errol and Julian went in our room because we were loud as f*ck. Julian kept saying, “Let’s go sledding!” Crazy ass! It was like 30 degrees out and pitch black. We found a birthday card from 1999 in one of the books in the room and were freaked out. We also saw this blank VHS tape downstairs and were afraid to see what was on it. Pammie, Meehchelle and I were convinced that our cabin was haunted. We tried to go to bed after that, but we heard some scary shit in the walls and I was like, “Meehchelle, is that you?” and she was like, “NO! What the hell was that?” and so we opened the light (LOL Meehchelle) and left it on for the rest of the night. I woke up at six in the mother effin morning to Meehchelle saying, “Mayan, isn’t that your phone?” because the alarm on my cell phone was going off downstairs. Dammit! I couldn’t go back to sleep and my alarm had woken up only Gerald LOL. We made breakfast while everyone slowly started waking up. Julian and Edgar snowboarded off some sweet jumps outside while Meehchelle and Vince built an Asian snowman. The rest of us got our stuff together and cleaned the house. Before we left, we took solo pictures with a big, black cock (literally) and group shots in front of the cabin and with the snowman. I miss that place already! On our way home, we stopped at Ontario Mills for lunch at Market Broiler and some crazy impulse shopping. All together, I think we bought like eight pairs of shoes and some other random shit! Damn, ballers (AKA broke asses after this weekend!). Meehchelle, Pammie and I rode with Gerald on the way home and played my favorite game… Would you rather…? Like… Would you rather be with someone who you’re in love with, but isn’t in love with you or with someone who’s in love with you, but you don’t love? That’s how it started… Then the questions took an unexpected turn into Filthy McNastyville! LOL. I know more about my friends than I ever wanted to after this weekend! Haha. I ♥ my friends to death. Meehchelle said that she’s going to write the Book of Mayan filled with random quotes by me. I admit that I say some pretty stupid things! I can be so dense at times. All my friends have accepted it. I think I’ve been spending too much time with Meehchelle because she was pulling Mayans all weekend! She needs to represent WTF with me and Trace! I’ll post pictures up from this weekend soon, so look out for that big, black cock in photos to come!

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