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Posted on May 4th, 2007 in Uncategorized

mcdonald's crewTaking this photo at Edgar’s last weekend of the old Mcdonald’s crew (or as Julz calls us… “the 25 & up crowd”) got us reminiscing about when we all used to work there together. Nearly a decade later, and I’m still hanging out with the same people. They say that I’m not much different now than I was back in the day. I guess it’s true when I’m reminded of stories like this…

Our Mcdonald’s had the standard drive-thru with one window where you’d pay for your order and another where you’d get your food. On crazy days like the dreaded Cheeseburger Sunday, we would open a second window where you could order… a tandem window, if you will. For some reason, Jed would always assign me to the tandem window. Looking back at it now, I’m convinced it was for his own personal amusement. Anyway, orders were taken in one line at both the regular and tandem windows when it was busy. The only way anyone would know what order to give to which car was to press the tandem button whenever an order from that window was taken. Being the forgetful person you love and adore, I’d always fail to remember that one little detail. Sheryll and Pammie would often give the wrong food to the wrong car because of me. “Press tandem, Mayan!” they’d always say. Not much has changed since then.. Except now I have to be reminded about more important things like remembering to bring my driver’s license so not to disrupt my date with Jack Daniels at the bar. Just kidding. I’d much rather have Filipino Cowboys these days. Ask Mitch at Landlord’s to hook you up!

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