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When I introduced myself to Doug, I was all, "By the way, my name is Pam," and we shook hands. Then he said, "Very nice to meet you, Pam, my name is Doug." LOL, like I didn't know that. He was going into detail explaining how the taping and stuff was gonna be like for the DVD. He was all, "You guys better rock out cuz we'll be taping you guys."                       read more »

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See Hoobastank cover "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" at the Wiltern LG in LA, Cali, in our videos section.

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archived bitten's videos from the copenhagen show
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added two new three days grace websites to the affiliates section. this band is currently on tour with hoobastank in europe and will continue to open for them when hoobastank tours the u.s. next month!
updated the tour dates section to include newly scheduled shows for hoobastank's full headlining u.s. tour beginning in november!
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archived several videos in the goodies section: doug and dan performing acoustic versions of "crawling in the dark" and "the reason," plus the highly requested video for "up and gone"

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