the reason


they sure don't make basketball shorts like they used to

target ep

spiderman 2

daredevil soundtrack

the scorpion king soundtrack


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There's nothing that peeves us Hoobaholics more than going to a show and being surrounded by people who don't know the lyrics and don't rock out (especially if you're in the FRONT)!. Learn the lyrics beforehand and we promise not to purposely crush you in the mosh pit.

Disclaimer: Full versions of each song are available to listen to for the sole purpose of becoming familiar with Hoobastank's music. If you love the album, then BUY the album (except "Basketball Shorts" since it's out of print). Don't even try to save and burn these crappy ass Real Audio files. There's a reason they're crappy ass Real Audio files and not quality MP3s. All copyrights of all songs remain to their rightful owners. No copyright infringement is intended.