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Posted on April 25th, 2023 in mayanisms

ikea coin purse

Years ago, I lied about how much I weighed on my driver’s license, and now I’m almost at what I refer to as my “DMV” weight LOL.

I recently lost my temporary “wallet” (a tiny ass Ikea bag that held my driver’s license, some change and a credit card). I think I left it at Texas Roadhouse LOL, but joke’s on you, I had already canceled the credit card last week and was getting mailed a new one because I got a fraud alert from CELESTIALGARDENINGSOLU, (which sounds like a place I’d make a purchase, but didn’t) plus I hated my driver’s license picture (the guy made me take off my glasses, so I kept stepping forward thinking he’d taken the photo already LOL).

Pammie came into my room holding a tiny Ikea bag, and I was like, “You found it!” but she was just giving me a little bag to put my replacement stuff in LOL.

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