» Down by the beach, BOY-EEE!
Down by the beach, BOY-EEE!
Posted on April 18th, 2005 in Uncategorized

I had a SUPER weekend with my SUPER crew, CHIPSET. We spent the weekend in San Juan Capistrano (down by the beach, BOY-EEE!). I would say that it was as fun as our weekend in Big Bear, but I missed a CRUCIAL five hours of fun while Pammie and I stepped out for a family shindig. Skokie waited for me for ten billion hours on Friday while the procrastinator that I am packed my things. I still forgot my shampoo, conditioner, shoes… Me? Forget something? That’s strange… We finally got to San Juan around midnight and stayed up smoking raspberry sheesh and shooting the shit till the a.m. hours on the balcony of our hotel room. I tried to keep it down because everytime I laughed, Edgar would walk up to the sliding door from the inside and just point at me. I’m a loud f*ck! I can’t help it… Meehchelle and I were the only ones up after 4 a.m. and we just whispered to each other on the sofa bed with the collective symphony of snoring in the room as our background music. We kept laughing over things like “beef and steak” and sometimes I’d be laughing so hard that I would involuntarily slap the mattress with my hand or snort when I tried to contain my laughter which would just make us laugh even harder. Out of no where, we’d hear Mayannnnn — Edgar telling me to keep it down again. As soon as Meehchelle and I tried to sleep, Edgar’s parents started frying things on the stove and filling coolers with ice to prepare for their roadtrip to San Francisco at 5:30 in the motherf*cking morning. I contemplated pointing my finger at them and giving them the look through the sliding door, but I didn’t think it would work. There was no way I could sleep through that… All the while, the sun starts coming up and it’s not night time anymore so I just realize that sleep isn’t coming and stare at the ceiling listening to the snoring and the frying and the ice shoveling… Most everyone woke up around 6:30 because of the hoopla and turning-on-of-the-lights that happened when Edgar’s parents left the hotel room. I tried watching Amelie with Meehchelle and Skokie, but started dozing off halfway through it. Everyone else started going back to sleep since it was too early to be up at that ungodly hour on a Saturday (except for Trace and Ed who never woke up in the first place). We all got up again around eleven and headed to Dana Point. It was straight up OC in that biatch. I half expected to see LC and Lo sunbathing in their designer bikinis. Traceface and the boys bodyboarded and skimboarded and some people got bruised buttocks in the process haha. Meehchelle and Rome got their tan on while I spent half the time in the frigid water and the other half playing in the sand. We went back to the hotel mid afternoon to eat and chill while I got ready to go to a family party back home with my sister. Gerald brought the largest bottle of Grey Goose I had ever seen in my life to the hotel. They were already drinking it in the afternoon and the chaos ensued after Pammie and I left that night. Before we left San Diego to drive back up there, I called Edgar to see what was going on. Apparantly, Trace (the girl who can hold her liquor like a 300-pound man) had yakked on her pillow and towel and JULIAN. Gerald drank most of the vodka and was — say it with me, Meehchelle — INEBRIATED as the f*ck (thank you, DARWIN, for making me despise that word like I despise strawberry ice cream). When Pammie and I got back to the hotel, Trace was passed out in the bedroom and Gerald was passed out in the balcony, periodically waking up to yak in the cooler of all places. He ended up taking a two-hour shower, while the rest of the boys and Pammie played poker. I tried watching Oceans 12, but kept falling asleep again. That sofabed is death. People had the munchies at three in the morning, so Pammie and Jay went on a Del Taco run, since that was the only restaurant open (what is UP with this town?). I had a reeeally good sleep that night, so it made up for the lack of sleep on Friday. When I woke up on Sunday, Rome, Julian and Jay had gone back home to SD and the rest of us got our things together to go home, too. We chilled at Errol’s for a bit, played with the cute babies, and I went home to take a superhot and relaxing shower and nap of course (I really need a robe, guys). Later that night, Pammie, Edgar, Errol and I went to Del Mar for the Jason Mraz show and met up with Kristine. Pammie got hit on and didn’t even know it. We met up with Jay and Julian afterwards to eat at Tyler’s and then went to Sycuan to feed our gambling addiction. I’m home now and looking forward to Edgar’s party this weekend. Fun times as always with the CHIPSET (you know how we do!).

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