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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

I keep baking cookies. They never turn out right. I never eat them. I’m not domestic at all. I give them to my friends and they eat them even though the cookies always somehow come out too salty, disfigured or full of bubbles (thanks, boys). I feel this constant need to please people and I think that’s why I’ve been on this cookie-baking binge. I like making people happy. I got this new job around Christmas, so I bought all of my friends gifts knowing that I’d only be getting one gift because we did the secret santa thing this year. I am STILL broke from Christmas, but I know my friends really loved their gifts and that’s what I think about when I’m starving on my lunch break LOL. For my birthday next week, I want nothing more than to have a good time with my loved ones. I have work this whole week, so I won’t be able to fully celebrate till the weekend. I want to have as much fun as I did on new year’s eve sans the painful vomiting.

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