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Miss Halfway.
Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Even though I’m sick at home coughing up my insides, I feel like this year is already looking better than 2006. I’m officially halfway to fifty (yikes!). Pammie threw me a surprise dinner with all of my friends in the Champagne Room at the Strip Club Steakhouse downtown the night before my birthday. She’s only the most awesome sister ever. We went to an Incubus concert on my actual birthday, and they rocked, of course. We might see them again when they close out their tour in LA. On Saturday, I spent some much needed time with my friends at this club that they spin at. I drank entirely too much, but you only turn a quarter of a century once, right? Sunday was spent nursing a hangover, witnessing my sister cry as the Chargers lost to the Patriots, and watching a Grey’s Anatomy marathon with Pammie (best show ever!). Sadly, Pammie’s moving back to the OC for a fabulous new job, so we went up there on Monday so she could set up her apartment. She’s not the only one moving up, though… The graphic designer for SDSU’s CES marketing department offered me an internship as a production artist because she loved this sexy website. I’m gonna have to give up my stable, higher paying job with dental and health benefits, though. It’s all about sacrifice. A year from now, when I’ve finally gotten my BA and a year of design experience under my belt, I’ll be able to land my dream job and it’ll all be worth it. At least that’s what I’ll keep telling myself as I’m eating Top Ramen for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I plan on working a second job on nights and weekends after I leave the bank at the end of the month and get my school schedule settled. I’m also going to move out this summer. With school, an internship and a second job, I probably won’t be home enough to appreciate having my own place, but it’s something I really want (and need) to do for myself. I always said that by the time I was 25-years-old, I’d be married with kids. Life never turns out how you expect it, but I’m okay with where I’m at and where I’m headed… It only gets better from here.

You must not know ’bout me.
Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Listening to music in my car had become a very dim memory to me. After more than a year of talking to myself, rolling down my windows to hear the radio in the car next to me, and painfully silent drives to and from the OC and LA, my car stereo is finally fixed… and I did it! ME… Mayan. The girl who leaves her ATM card in the freezer and finds it a week later when she’s craving popsicles. I can’t even remember how to get to your apartment that I’ve been to a million times, but I can at least listen to music while I’m lost now! I got tired of waiting for a new boyfriend to come along and fix it for me, so I decided to (attempt to) do it myself! I did some online troubleshooting, bought this replacement ribbon-looking thing off of eBay not knowing if that would fix it or not, somehow got my stereo out of my car (after watching my ex do it so many times before), unscrewed a bunch of unnecessary parts to get to that ribbon piece inside, tore out the ribbon piece, replaced it with the new one, put all the parts back together (but was somehow left with six extra screws), plugged it back into my car and it WORKED! I almost cried from the sound of music. I called Pammie up because I had to tell SOMEONE about the unthinkable feat I had just accomplished… Then five minutes later, as I’m shoving the stereo into the hole where it used to be, the power shuts off! I called Pammie in a blind rage and she said that her friend could look at it for me. I consoled myself by taking a long bath and giving myself a pedicure while Pammie took my car to get fixed. Later, I heard the garage open and she called the house and told me that her friend couldn’t fix it, but she had something for me outside. I thought she brought me back a present to make me happy because she’s an awesome sister like that, but I went outside, toe separators and all, and she was bumping Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” in MY car! Turns out I blew a fuse when I tried the shove the stereo back in… so I really did fix my radio! I just happened to blow a fuse in the process. Technicalities.

Help me help you (help myself).
Sunday, January 7, 2007

It has been more than a year since the Great Purse Disaster of 2005, and the only thing I have left to replace are my Gucci sunglasses (pummelled to bits by car after passing car). I wore them well past their prime (even when my prescription had changed and I couldn’t afford to replace the ridiculously priced lenses). I could usually care less about brand named anything, but I wear glasses all the time (even in the shower when there’s a spider in the bathroom), so they might as well be nice, right? Looking for sunglasses is an uphill battle because of my horrendous vision and need for frames with just the right shaped lenses that can handle my crazy prescription. After some extensive shopping, I’ve found a suitable (albeit entirely too expensive) replacement for my Guccis. I bought new eyeglasses this past summer, and I’ve been looking for a justifiable reason to spend more than half a grand splurge on these sunglasses I’ve been lusting after. I think I’ve finally found a reason: Valentine’s Day.

It’s my first valentine-less year since I rocked braces and colored contacts (nearly a decade). Overpriced sunglasses would make a nice Valentine’s gift to myself, don’t you think? Help me afford them by buying some goods from the shop!

I will buy you a new life.
Monday, January 1, 2007

Every year, I make the same New Year’s resolution to lose enough weight to fit into my skinny jeans again — not the trendy skinny jeans immortalized by Audrey Hepburn in the Gap commercial, but the jeans I wore when I was skinny…er. Because let’s face it, I was never (and probably never will be) skinny. I thought for 2007 I’d resolve to do more than that. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

– Fall in love with someone who knows my worth.
– Quit the BS. It’ll be very clear if I don’t like you. I’m tired of being nice.
– Fix my car stereo on my own.
– Strengthen relationships I value. Drop those that don’t matter.
– Focus more on myself and less on others.
– Take/pass 42 units so I can get my BA next spring.
– Move out of San Diego (I might save this one for 2008).

2006 was a year of realization… who my real friends are, what really matters (and doesn’t matter) to me, the potential for something better. I’m ready for a new year and a new life.

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