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Too Much.
Friday, April 26, 2024

too much

gilmore girls jess what is much gif

Unsolicited facts about me.
Monday, February 3, 2014

milo ventimiglia vampire movie

Beards are my kryptonite. So are neck bites.

Mob City.
Wednesday, December 4, 2013

milo ventimiglia - mob city

Oh my Milo. Mob City has arrived.

L.A. Noir.
Tuesday, June 12, 2012

milo ventimiglia prestige magazine hot suit milo ventimiglia prestige magazine hot suit
milo ventimiglia prestige magazine hot suit milo ventimiglia prestige magazine hot suit

Milo Ventimiglia—a founding member of my freebie five—is suiting up as a mob lawyer in Frank Darabont’s new TNT drama, L.A. Noir.

snow white apple dead gif

Lost & found.
Monday, July 19, 2010

nyc subway train transit magnets buttons pins

nyc transit maps magnets buttons pins

While vacationing in NYC years ago, I managed to get myself and Pammie lost in the city. We got off the train when I realized we were going the wrong way and found ourselves alone with Milo Ventimiglia at an otherwise empty subway stop. Seeing him in person was like hearing the Beatles for the first time, and I was rendered speechless. I got on the subway without asking him to father my children, and it has been my #3 regret in life ever since (don’t ask me what the first two are—I’m taking them to my grave!).

I loved taking the subway everywhere, and I die a little each minute I’m sitting in traffic at home in California. In memory of my trip, I’ve made some NYC-inspired magnets, complete with my old maps that got us lost in the city. Hopefully they will be of more use to you on your fridge than they were for me in New York! You can buy them here.

Christmas/Birthday Wish List 2007.
Saturday, December 1, 2007

Sam the Cooking Guy Class at the Red Kitchen
Because I ♥ Sam. And I can’t cook.
Price: $150
Available at

(Thanks, Pammie!)

Stella Im Hultberg "Heartbeats" Limited Edition Giclee Print
Because Stella is my favorite artist. Price: $200.00
Available at Thinkspace Gallery in Silverlake.

(Merry Christmas to myself!)

Capri Blue Red Jar Candle (Volcano)
Because I’m a candle snob. And Jay occasionally uses my bathroom.
Price: $28
Available at Anthropologie.
Super Malfi
Because he makes me happy.
Price: $23.98
Available at and Kidrobot.
Divide Social Club "The DSC for Life" Shirt (M)
Because in Dino DeMilio I trust.
Price: $20.00
Available at
Stella Im Hultberg "Never Mind" iPod Gelaskin
Because a sexy machine just got sexier.
Price: $14.95
Available at
Kurt Halsey 2008 Calendar
Because I can never remember what day it is. And KH saturates my soul ♥
Price: $24.00
Available at
Kurt Halsey Cloud Bank
Because I need somewhere to put all those Sacajaweas I get from the vending machine at work.
Price: $20.00
Available at Urban Outfitters .
Dooney and Bourke Hayden Bag
Because everytime I buy a bag I ask myself, "Will my polaroid camera fit in here?"
And I might have a tiny girl crush on Hayden Panettiere.
Price: $500.00
Available at
The Beatles Complete Chord Songbook
Because I want to be as good as my dad.
Price: $19.95
Available at Guitar Center.
A Hard Days Write
Because I should’ve been alive in the 60s.
Price: $27.82
Available at
KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quart Mixer (Onyx Black)
Because I’m droppin’ cupcakes like Galileo dropped the orange.
Capri Blue Fragrance Diffuser (Volcano)
Because sometimes I forget to blow the candle out.
Price: $25
Available at
Luggage Tags with Attitude
Because someday I’m going to travel the world.
Price: $9.99
Available at
Parking Meter Alarm
Because I got three parking tickets this year.
Price: $9.99
Available at
Buddha Bowl
Because I prefer to eat on the couch.
Price: $18.50
Available at
Sun Jar
Price: $44.00
Available at
Lumen Oil Lamp
Price: $50.00
Available at Museum of Modern Art.
Boyfriend Arm Pillow
Because I hate sleeping alone. Just kidding (about wanting the pillow, not the sleeping alone part).
Price: $19.95
Available at

Sony W90 8.1MP Digital Camera

Because I take embarassing pictures of people and post them on their Myspace.
Price: $229.99
Available at Costco.
Pink Studio "Ira" Wedges (Size 8.5, Yellow)
Because they don’t match anything in my wardrobe. Price: $68.00
Available at and Mint in Hillcrest.
Dick Blick Gift Certificate
Because I buy more art supplies than college textbooks.
Price: $5.00+
Amazon Gift Certificate
Because the few college textbooks I do buy are ridiculously expensive!
Price: $5.00+

The Travel Book: A Journey Through Every Country in the World
By Roz Hopkins
Price: $31.50
Available at and all major bookstores.

The Cities Book: A Journey Through the Best Cities In the World
By Roz Hopkins
Price: $31.50
Available at and all major bookstores.
1,000 Places to See Before You Die: A Traveler’s Life List
By Patricia Schultz
Price: $13.57
Available at and all major bookstores.
My Secret: A PostSecret Book
By Frank Warren
Price: $14.93
Available at and all major bookstores.
A Lifetime of Secrets: A PostSecret Book
By Frank Warren
Price: $18.45
Available at and all major bookstores.

Color: Messages & Meanings: A Pantone Color Resource
By Leatrice Eiseman
Price: $26.39
Available at and all major bookstores.

D.I.Y.: Design It Yourself
By Ellen Lupton
Price: $14.93
Available at and all major bookstores.
Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair
By Pablo Neruda
Price: $10.00
Available at and all major bookstores.
The Twilight Collection
By Stephenie Meyer
Price: $34.65
Available at and all major bookstores.
Gilmore Girls – The Complete Series Collection
Because I’ve been into Milo Ventimiglia since Jess broke up Rory and Dean in 2002.
Price: $169.99
Friends – The Complete Series Collection
Because I can’t take my mom’s with me.
Price: $162.99
Sex and the City – The Complete Series
Because I am Charlotte. Pammie is Miranda. Chel is Samantha. And Shi is Carrie.
Price: $158.99

Alias – The Complete Collection
Because I’ve loved Jennifer Garner since she reminded us that Razzles are a candy. And a gum.
Price: $145.99

Juxtapoz Magazine – Art and culture
Price: $24.99

Venus Magazine – Women in music, art, film, fashion, DIY culture
Price: $19.95

Rolling Stone Magazine – Music
Price: $28

It’s a celebration, bitches.
Monday, July 23, 2007

Whenever I exchange E-mails with Pammie, Chel and Shi, our conversations always revolve around the same topics: bitches, assclowns and our love for frozen yogurt. Chel and Shi have been raving about this place in SD that rivals Pinkberry, so we finally got together on Thursday night and had ourselves some fro-yo (while talking about bitches and assclowns). A great start to a pretty fuckin’ awesome weekend, I must say. We hit up Riley’s for drinks afterwards where Chel’s boyfriend was spinning and met up with some friends I haven’t hung out with in forever. The boys and I caught up over late night munchies at Denny’s and headed back to the valley for a short hookah session at E’s house before passing out at home.

When I woke up the next morning afternoon, I found out that Dino DeMilio was using the illustration I made of him as his default image on his Myspace aaaaand he credited it to! A lot of members created dollar graphics in honor of Dino and the Divide Social Club, but I wanted to put my spin on it. I drew his head in Illustrator and morphed it into an Obey homage to The Godfather. Fitting, isn’t it? I thought so. I’m honored that he put it on his Myspace. You won’t have access to their pages since they’re private, so here’s a photo of Dino, Milo and Russ of the DSC. YOWZA.

Julz and Jay’s birthday bash at Heat Supper Club was the highlight of my weekend. I’m usually anti-downtown when it comes to partying. I’d much rather chill at a dive bar than anywhere on Fifth. HOWEVER, all that was forgotten once I was introduced to bottle service. And roped off VIP booths. And microsuede walls. I pretty much had the time of my life that night… and I’ve got 500 pictures to prove it (cut down to a little more than half that after I deleted all the drunken, blurry pictures of nothing). Too bad I’m not in any of them since I was the drunkie snapping away all paparazzi status. I guess you’re just gonna have to take my word for it.

We continued Julz’s birthday celebration at Morena Club on Saturday night. It was pretty low key… Just our group of friends celebrating on familiar territory. Julz threw up, of course, but he surprisingly wasn’t tied up this year! Not yet, anyway (maybe in Vegas this weekend). We ate breakfast at Tyler’s afterwards and went home to rest up for our softball game on Sunday. I wasn’t planning on playing, since I had work later that afternoon, but they needed a catcher. I was wearing a jean skirt and flips flops, so I was the obvious choice. I was just there to get my tan on before work! I told them I didn’t like balls flying at my face, but I ended up playing anyway. I always find myself in Eastlake on days that Chick-Fil-A is closed. It’s probably for the best.

So I can’t wait till this weekend. Having limited time with my friends lately has made me miss them.

I’ll probably be bitching about them when I come home from Vegas.

The good life.
Thursday, July 12, 2007

rockyRocky would be so much happier if you bought him this dog bowl designed by Milo Ventimiglia. It’s for a good cause… Wouldn’t you love to help provide for the well-being of animals in Southern California? Or maybe just Rocky’s well-being? I mean, look at him. Could he be any more dramatic in this picture? Anyway, I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to blog, let alone have a decent night out with my friends. I’ve been looking forward to this Vegas trip for months now. I’ve been excited about partying at Tao. I’ve been excited about singing along with the Beatles at LOVE (a Cirque du Soleil show). I’ve been excited about getting out of SD for a few days… but now that it’s just weeks away, I’m dreading the forecasted 110° weather… I’m dreading sharing a room with twenty people… and I’m especially bummed that I’ll be going to Vegas the weekend of Comic Con since Milo Ventimiglia is going to be there this year with the cast of Heroes (again), and I’m going to miss it (again).

BUT… I’ve still got my hopes up for an awesome weekend. Everything just seems to be falling into place for me. Don’t you love when that happens? I’ve been so worried lately. I had all this anxiety about my new job. I didn’t get my grant for school. I got a $400 traffic ticket. I’ve been barely getting by since I left my job at the bank to do a meagerly paid graphic design internship at SDSU last semester… and now everything is just working itself out. My new job at AAA pays well, offers benefits and works around my internship and school schedule… and they gave me the weekend off for Vegas. My traffic ticket was dismissed after I contested it in court. I’m no longer swimming in a sea of debt now that I’ve had extra money to pay off my credit cards. Sure, I work two jobs that hardly allow any time for me to do much else… and sure, I have to take calls sometimes from pervs who need a tow home from Spearmint Rhino. Whatever. I’m happier than I’ve been in a while. With all this good fortune, I half expect a Pinkberry to pop up in the valley.

R.I.P. Gilmore Girls!
Wednesday, May 16, 2007

gilmore girls cast

The CW (or the Country Western network as I like to call them) isn’t renewing “Gilmore Girls” next season. Sad times. Their season finale ended up being their series finale. They didn’t even get a proper send off. It just ended. I’m so sad… and maybe a little embarassed that you all know I watch “Gilmore Girls” now. Religiously at that. I’ve been hooked ever since Jess broke up Rory and Dean in 2002. Pretty sad if you know what I’m talking about. R.I.P. Gilmore Girls! You’ll be missed. I guess all I can do now is watch DVDs of past episodes… and read fan fiction. Don’t judge me.

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