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One day it’ll all make sense.
Monday, June 13, 2005

This is the first time in weeks that I’ve been home before three in the morning. I haven’t been feeling like myself lately… Or maybe I’ve changed and this is just how I am now. I find myself not giving a shit about things I used to care about and getting hurt over things that shouldn’t even matter to me. I’ve been having this constant feeling of uncertainty. Something has shifted… I’m tired of pretending that I’m okay.

Soul sisters.
Wednesday, June 8, 2005

During one of our philosophical conversations, Errol said that people try to make their lives seem much more interesting in their blogs. My life is VERY uninteresting… but I’m easily amused. Corneal abrasions… Sandwiches… If that’s not interesting, I don’t know what is! Maybe I should spice things up a bit. What if I told you that I recently discovered that me and one of my best girls, Trace, are SISTERS! Okay, not really. But we’re cousins! Okay… so we’re not BLOOD cousins. Her sister’s godmother is my mom’s sister! And Trace’s Dad is my cousin’s godfather! My aunt has known Trace’s mom since back in the day when my mom and her sisters went to Sweetwater High and Trace’s mom went to Mount Miguel! She’s basically FAMILY if you look at it from a FILIPINO perspective 🙂 I always sensed that we were relatives haha. Anyway, a few things going on this week… I start summer school tonight (BOO!). Going to the COMMON show tomorrow night at the new House of Blues in San Diego (finally!). Celebrating Skokie’s birthday on Thursday (if he deems me cool enough to party with him!). Then Edgar moves into his new house in Otay Ranch this weekend. I should have a lot of pictures posted throughout the week (taken with my grad gift from Pammie!). I have to go to school now. Bah. See you later tonight for some fakhfakhina, biatches.

They serve sandwiches?!
Wednesday, June 1, 2005

There’s this palm reader place that I always pass by on the freeway. A lot of people are skeptical about its validity, but I figure… if this place has been open my entire life (23+ years), then they must be doing something right. Jay says that they’re probably still open because they serve sandwiches, too. My gullible ass totally believed him. Man… I would go there on that basis alone. Trace told me that her grandma got her palm read and they told her that she would die in a body of water… but her grandma went on a cruise recently and is still alive as far as I know. I think the palm readers are pretty vague in their readings, so you can pretty much twist whatever they say and apply it to the situations in your life… I would still like to get my palm read for fun. Who wants to come with???

Anyway, tomorrow (or TODAY, technically) is my graduation. I’m finally getting my associate’s degree from Grossmont. Yaye. My mom (being the Filipino mother that she is) is making me walk. I think it’s partly because my parents aren’t sure if I’m ever getting my bachelor’s degree and this might be the last time they’re gonna see their baby graduate. Haha. I don’t expect anyone to sit in the hot sun and listen to boring speeches and listen for my name out of 1,100 different graduates… so no one has to go to the actual ceremony. At 5:30 p.m. At Grossmont College off the 125 freeway. Haha. But seriously it’s not a big deal. I only EXPECT family to come to the ceremony. I’m having dinner afterwards with my family (and whoever decides to show up for the ceremony and a free meal paid for by my parents haha) and then it’s ON at Julian’s house! I plan to get my drank on, biatches. I reeeally like it when I’m buzzed. I don’t know why I stopped drinking before I turned 21. I guess it’s because it was less fun when it became legal. I’ve been missing out. Life seems a little bit easier when your intoxicated… I didn’t want to make a big deal out of me getting my associate’s degree, so this mini get together I’m having at Julz’s is last minute. It’s on a WEDNESDAY, so I’m assuming people have work the next day. Don’t feel bad if I didn’t officially invite you. If you know me, then consider yourself invited. Don’t expect food or anything to be there. LOL. All I know for sure is that there will be Jell-O shots and hookah and brownies and Chambord and vodka and poker and spoons and me with a big smile on my face.

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