» One headlight.
One headlight.
Posted on December 30th, 2006 in Uncategorized

Okay so I asked my dad to change the dead bulb in one of my head lights, but as little as I know about cars, he knows even littler (yes, it’s a word). I ate some dinner, approved some myspace comments, picked some lint off my pants… Almost an hour later, I’m on my way out with Pammie to go grocery shopping and there, sitting in the garage, is my dad shining a flashlight under the hood of my car. “You are NOT still replacing my light bulb!” I say. He says he can’t figure it out. “This is why I need a boyfriend,” I tell him. He nods in agreement. Sad times. I always had a boyfriend around to change my lightbulbs, jumpstart my car, hook up my (now defunct) stereo with an iPod cable, unlock my car when I leave my keys inside of it, change my oil, replace my front bumper when I accidentally strike dogs on the street (okay so that was a one-time thing)… I thought about this last night on the radio-less car ride home from LA. I saw this DIY repair kit for my stereo on eBay, but thought that even if I bought this kit, I wouldn’t know how to take my stereo out of my car and attempt to repair it. I should really learn how to do these things.. Or I can just marry a mechanic (who moonlights as a chef — I can’t cook, either).

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