» Help me help you (help myself).
Help me help you (help myself).
Posted on January 7th, 2007 in Uncategorized

It has been more than a year since the Great Purse Disaster of 2005, and the only thing I have left to replace are my Gucci sunglasses (pummelled to bits by car after passing car). I wore them well past their prime (even when my prescription had changed and I couldn’t afford to replace the ridiculously priced lenses). I could usually care less about brand named anything, but I wear glasses all the time (even in the shower when there’s a spider in the bathroom), so they might as well be nice, right? Looking for sunglasses is an uphill battle because of my horrendous vision and need for frames with just the right shaped lenses that can handle my crazy prescription. After some extensive shopping, I’ve found a suitable (albeit entirely too expensive) replacement for my Guccis. I bought new eyeglasses this past summer, and I’ve been looking for a justifiable reason to spend more than half a grand splurge on these sunglasses I’ve been lusting after. I think I’ve finally found a reason: Valentine’s Day.

It’s my first valentine-less year since I rocked braces and colored contacts (nearly a decade). Overpriced sunglasses would make a nice Valentine’s gift to myself, don’t you think? Help me afford them by buying some goods from the shop!

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