» Don’t touch my booty ’cause I won’t touch you.
Don’t touch my booty ’cause I won’t touch you.
Posted on November 22nd, 2003 in Uncategorized

Right now I’m at work and it is SO slow. I should be cherishing these slow days though, because once Thanksgiving is over, I’m gonna be BEGGING for them! Last Christmas, we had a full call center and still had 100+ calls holding for people trying to place holiday orders. I don’t need that kind of stress when I have finals coming up… Anyway, this morning Ed and I had breakfast with Shell and Joey at this place called The Potato Shack in Encinitas… about 45 minutes away from our houses! We were supposed to go downtown to pick something up for my dad before that, but my ass woke up late (again!). I ♥ sleeping. I wasn’t fulfilling my navigator duties, because we missed the exit by about 10 miles LOL. We were like… “Uh.. isn’t that the check point? I don’t remember Encinitas being this far…” Haha. We turned around and got off on the right exit but made a wrong turn because of my poor navigation skills again. Who made me navigator anyways??? You know I have no sense of direction. We eventually made it to the Potato Shack where we ate MANHOLE-sized pancakes and french toast. I don’t normally eat breakfast, so this was really magical. We went to Joey’s house afterwards so Ed could pick up some of Joey’s riding gear. Apparantly, he’s letting Ed use his motorcycle because he doesn’t ever ride it. GEEZ. Give me a heart attack!!! THANKS, JOEY. Anyway, we went downtown to pick up the hardware that they DIDN’T end up having, and then went back to Ed’s to take a nap together before going to work. Usually when I’m sleeping, I don’t like people crowding my space, hogging my blanket and using my pillows, but with him I don’t mind. That much. Haha. Then again, it’s much different sleeping next to him than say, sleeping next to my sister with our butts touching. LOL. I like to sleep in my undies, too, so NO spooning with anyone but Ed (and sometimes Sheen! Hahaha). After work, I think I’m gonna watch a movie with the usual crew… Maybe “Gothika” or “TX Chainsaw Massacre.” I’m in the mood for something scary.

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