» YOLO.
Posted on December 19th, 2003 in holidays, linkin park

I have been soooo effin busy. I’ve been working tons of overtime, because I can’t say no. I’ve been going to school. I’ve been taking finals. I’ve been spending my free time working on my final projects for my web publishing and graphic design classes. Finals are finally OVER, and now I can relax for a few weeks before the hell starts up again.

The holidays are really making me broke right now. Also, I took one for the team and bought EIGHT $44 Linkin Park tickets so all of my friends could sit together (I better start collecting if you clowns want Christmas gifts!). On top of that, we’re going snowboarding tomorrow, and I bought all this gear since it’s my first time. I really didn’t have the money for snowboarding, but you only live once, right?

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