» I will cut him.
I will cut him.
Posted on December 22nd, 2003 in Uncategorized

I had such a KICK ASS weekend. I haven’t had a weekend off from work since summer! After getting over the effin stomach flu, I went snowboarding with my sister, Ed, Jay, Jed, Chris, Sheena, Brad, Beejaye, Shell, Banana and Joey at Mountain High. We were supposed to go to Big Bear, but whatever… I ♥ SNOW! So what if it’s MAN-MADE snow? It was still very COOL. I lost count of how many times I fell on my ass, tumbled down the hill and smacked my head on the ice. I’m SO sore right now, but it was worth it. Photos will be up soon… For my birthday in January, I want to rent a cabin in Big Bear for the weekend with my friends and MASTER snowboarding! Haha. Maybe not master, but I at least want to know how to stop without falling on my butt… Later that night, we celebrated my sister’s birthday by having dinner at BJ’s and chilled at Jed’s house afterwards. Yesterday, my sister and I did 99% of our Christmas shopping downtown and met up with Jed and Jay to kick it. I cannot stop laughing when I’m around them. Those are the friends you know will always be around no matter what 🙂 Today, my sister and I went shopping again downtown and at Fashion Valley with Ed, Jed and Jay. Jed bought my sister a new Verizon picture phone for Christmas (damn, BALLER!). I need to switch to Verizon soon, because no one has Sh*tular anymore and my mobile-to-mobile minutes have become obsolete… My sister went back up to Irvine and I just finished wrapping up everyone’s gifts. The only people I haven’t bought gifts for are my sister and Ed… two of the most important ones! I know Ed’s Christmas gift for me won’t be coming until January since money’s always tight this time of year… I just hope he doesn’t combine it with my birthday gift… and my Valentine’s day gift… and our 5-year anniversary gift. OH HELL NO. I’ve heard of 2-for-1 gifts before, but 4-for-1? I will cut him.

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