» I ♥ this place!
I ♥ this place!
Posted on May 7th, 2004 in Uncategorized

I lost count of how many times I said that today. I went to the OC with Edgar to chill with Pammie. I ♥ the OC! Specifically Irvine. I’m so, so, so excited to be moving up there this summer. The vibe was faboo and the malls were cool and the traffic was hell, but I didn’t care because I ♥ this place! Being up there made me realize how much I won’t miss San Diego (haha!)… and how much I miss being around my big sister (even though she comes down practically every weekend!)… and that there IS a world outside SD. Edgar and I got there mid-afternoon and we all went to Southcoast so Edgar could buy his bougie-mcboug Lacoste shirt. He has like a million of those shirts in a million different colors… “but not in black, Mayan.” And now he has to get some all black Dunks to match. Even though he has a million pairs of black shoes. Ahh, he’s my boyfriend. I’m allowed to mock him. At least I convinced him to buy a medium shirt so he wouldn’t be swimming in his clothes 🙂 Southcoast is massive. I don’t even think we walked through the entire mall. I just remember seeing tons of random girls with huge flowers in their hair. Uhhh, sorry, JASMINE TRIAS. I didn’t know I was in Hawaii. That must be an OC thing, because I don’t ever see girls in SD putting foliage in their hair. Anyway, we went to Irvine Spectrum after that and I ♥ that place! The stores… the people… the restaurants… everything. I finally sat in the LOVE SAC that I remember Shi raving about many moons ago. It was heaven in an oversized bag. [Quick shout out to BYRON, the manager at Love Sac (like he’ll ever read this, but you should visit him! Haha)… when he found out we were Filipino, he delivered a complete monologue in TAGALOG. I was trippin. This TOTAL white guy was speaking it more fluently and with better enunciation than I could. He said that his girlfriend was Filipino and her mother wouldn’t let him eat in their house unless he could speak Tagalog so he learned it because her cooking was so good and he taught himself how to speak it by reading an English/Tagalog translation book and he has since broken up with his girlfriend because she moved to New York, but he still loves the language and would like to visit the Philippines soon… and he said this ALL in Tagalog. I’m STILL trippin! Isn’t that amazing that he learned his girlfriend’s native language to please her mother?] I’m seriously considering saving up for one for when I move up there. It’s almost $500! But well worth it! If I get one, I know I will go home from class and find Shi sleeping in it. Haha. She’s moving in with me and my sister! It’s gonna be effin awesome living with the girls. I wish Chelface and Roxy could move in with us, also. We would fill the house with laughter and watermelon pictures. Haha. We went to Urban Outfitters and Pammie bought me the CUTEST shoes (thanks, seester!). Edgar bought another shirt with a Buddha on it and it says, “For good luck, rub my tummy” Edgar doesn’t have a tummy. DBJ, homie. He has multiple tapeworms. I love that you don’t have to go downtown to shop at Urban in the OC like you have to in SD. It’s just so much more convenient there. Afterwards, we were hungry, so we ate at Shi’s old work, The Yardhouse. The atmosphere was so nice and I’ve never seen so much beer on tap in my life. We have a Yardhouse in SD, but I’ve never eaten there before. The waitress was hella cool. Sh*t, even the lady in the bathroom handing out the towels was cool. And you know what else was cool? My sister treating us out to dinner! MAN. I ♥ this place! Sorry we didn’t make it to your Friends finale extravaganza, Shi! Haha. Edgar and I needed to head back home to SD by the time we were done eating. This girl was all… “No one will want to answer the door if you come after eight o’clock, so come in through the back gate which we’ll leave open! Don’t ring the doorbell after eight… I’m telling you no one will answer it!” LOL. You crack me up, Shi. I have the Gilmore Girls DVD set… the My So-Called Life DVD set… You have the Sex & the City DVD sets and probably the entire Friends DVD set… We are television DVD set whores!

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