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Wish List.
Posted on December 14th, 2010 in holidays, wish lists

  • The Town DVD from Amazon, $17.99
    Ben Affleck grows a fierce beard (and does some other stuff, too) in this movie.
  • Apron (any style) from Anthropologie, $28.00-$38.00
    I love to bake, and I’m pretty sure my treats would taste even better if I made them while wearing this fabulous apron.
  • Laptop Desk (Walnut with Chocolate Cushion) from Brookstone, $29.95
    I like to browse the interwebs how I like to do most other things—in bed with no pants on.
  • Madison Op Art Sateen Large Wristlet (Black/Silver) from Coach, $98.00
    I once left my whole purse inside Macy’s. And lost my wallet in Vegas. And found my ATM card in the freezer. Clearly, I need a purse that attaches to my wrist.
  • External Hard Drive (1TB) from Amazon, $78.99
    Jay’s folder labeled "NOT PORN" is taking up too much space on my desktop. There really isn’t any porn in there, but it does have R. Kelly’s entire discography (which might actually be worse, I think).
  • Stella Im Hultberg’s “Never Mind” Gelaskin (iPhone 4) from Gelaskins, $14.95
    I want this partly because Stella is my favorite artist, but mostly because the bottom corner of my phone is chipped from dropping it.
  • Pink with a Splash All-Over Body Mist from Victoria’s Secret, $15, 2/$22, 3/$30
    There are eight different scents, and they all smell delicious. Pick one (or eight).

Unlike previous years, I tried to make my list somewhat affordable, hence the missing KitchenAid Stand Mixer (a wish list staple of mine). I still want it, though. In Onyx Black. Just sayin’.

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