» When it hits your lips… it’s so… GOOD.
When it hits your lips… it’s so… GOOD.
Posted on August 22nd, 2003 in friends

I feel like poo. Last night I went to PB Bar & Grill with Ed, Jay, Jose, Gabe, Mike, and Chris (sausage central, but Juanice and Leah were there with their APhiG sisters. Aww, I’ve missed those girls!). I haven’t drank like that in forever, and now I remember why. I went to bed three hours ago and woke up half an hour ago to throw up my insides. I had a pretty good fucking time, though. I was having drama with my boyfriend, so I went there on a mission to drink away my problems. It was fun until the alcohol wore off. I’ve made a new best friend and her name is Blue Hawaiian. Jose, you owe me an Irish Car Bomb! I think I’ll wait awhile before I drink like that again… give my esophagus some time to recover. PB tomorrow, anyone???

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