» Running with Scissors.
Running with Scissors.
Posted on December 21st, 2012 in LA, life, mayanisms

running with scissors birthday card

I forgot my cell phone in my car last night, and I didn’t realize it till almost midnight.

Can we just take a second to talk about my parking situation??? Okay so #1 I don’t have a designated parking spot. My garage is only big enough for my landlord’s BMW, his Mini Cooper and his diamond shoes. #2 I live on a one way street. If I can’t find parking (which is always), I have to go around the block and onto one of the busiest streets in Redondo before getting back on my street. Don’t even get me started on the street sweeping that happens twice a week. Sometimes, some asshole parks in the middle of two driveways and doesn’t leave enough room to park in front or behind them. And sometimes that asshole is me. But I digress.

It was already late, and I had to park two blocks away last night, so I considered staying off the grid till morning. Plus I had already taken my bra off, so I was in for the night. But I knew I wouldn’t be able to wake up for work without all the alarms I have set on my phone, so I grabbed my sharpest pair of fabric scissors (in case some beach bum tried to get crazy) and sprinted to my car. Okay so maybe it was more of a light jog. Get off me. Not only was I running with (fabric) scissors, but I was also running with no bra on, and that’s a dangerous situation in itself, amirite?


  1. Skokoa Butta was all like...

    don’t ever change.

    December 22nd, 2012 | #

  2. Shi was all like...

    i can picture this whole scenario in my head. and here i thought you wouldn’t jog anywhere to save your life! wish i could be there to protect you, love!

    December 23rd, 2012 | #

  3. Pammie was all like...

    LMAO! The pepper spray that D gave you will definitely come in handy. But don’t be Jane and spray our faces if we ever throw you a surprise party!

    December 26th, 2012 | #

  4. Raechel was all like...

    #1-like Skokes said, don’t ever change. #2-Flex says you need a gun #3-I’m so glad someone agrees that when our bra comes off, our day is done. haha.

    December 27th, 2012 | #

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