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Food Baby.
Posted on April 1st, 2016 in chat, food and drink

that's so raven - say no more gif

It took me 4 hours to drive down to San Diego for Christine’s baby shower, and I arrived with less than an hour left to partake in the taco cart. After stuffing myself with 5 tacos (the 5th one was a mistake!), I was told that the taco guy was staying an extra hour, and I didn’t need to eat all those tacos in record time.

At least the taco vendor didn’t mistake me and my food baby for the pregnant celebrant (sorry, Jessie! LOL).

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  1. Jessie was all like...

    “Eres la madre?” Do I look pregnant??? ugh! I don’t know how to take it…Should I be flattered that at 7 months I could possibly not look pregnant? or Should I be more conscious about ordering and stuffing my face with two tacos and a carne asada mulita on the side??

    April 8th, 2016 | #

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