» You must not know ’bout me.
You must not know ’bout me.
Posted on January 10th, 2007 in Uncategorized

Listening to music in my car had become a very dim memory to me. After more than a year of talking to myself, rolling down my windows to hear the radio in the car next to me, and painfully silent drives to and from the OC and LA, my car stereo is finally fixed… and I did it! ME… Mayan. The girl who leaves her ATM card in the freezer and finds it a week later when she’s craving popsicles. I can’t even remember how to get to your apartment that I’ve been to a million times, but I can at least listen to music while I’m lost now! I got tired of waiting for a new boyfriend to come along and fix it for me, so I decided to (attempt to) do it myself! I did some online troubleshooting, bought this replacement ribbon-looking thing off of eBay not knowing if that would fix it or not, somehow got my stereo out of my car (after watching my ex do it so many times before), unscrewed a bunch of unnecessary parts to get to that ribbon piece inside, tore out the ribbon piece, replaced it with the new one, put all the parts back together (but was somehow left with six extra screws), plugged it back into my car and it WORKED! I almost cried from the sound of music. I called Pammie up because I had to tell SOMEONE about the unthinkable feat I had just accomplished… Then five minutes later, as I’m shoving the stereo into the hole where it used to be, the power shuts off! I called Pammie in a blind rage and she said that her friend could look at it for me. I consoled myself by taking a long bath and giving myself a pedicure while Pammie took my car to get fixed. Later, I heard the garage open and she called the house and told me that her friend couldn’t fix it, but she had something for me outside. I thought she brought me back a present to make me happy because she’s an awesome sister like that, but I went outside, toe separators and all, and she was bumping Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” in MY car! Turns out I blew a fuse when I tried the shove the stereo back in… so I really did fix my radio! I just happened to blow a fuse in the process. Technicalities.

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