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The Joy Formidable.
Posted on August 9th, 2011 in concerts, food and drink, music

the joy formidable belly up pizza port san diego

The Joy Formidable – Whirring
[audio: Joy Formidable – Whirring.mp3]

I had pizza and beer with Jessie, Shi and Anthony at Pizza Port before heading to The Joy Formidable‘s sold out show at the Belly Up tonight! Anthony was worried that Jessie and I were gonna ditch him for these boys who were supposed to buy Jessie’s extra tickets, but I think we were more worried that Anthony was gonna ditch us for Mike, some guy we had just met at the show who works for Stone Brewing Co. and loves craft beer (like Anthony), plays the drums (like Anthony) for the band Sweet Ever After, and just happens to have the same exact phone as Anthony. When Anthony found out that Mike home brews, his panties fell off and their bromance became official. I mean, am I gonna have to fight Anthony for him???

Quote of the night:

I need to find a new job… one where I can be home by five and drunk by six like you bitches.

– Anthony

I’m actually home by 5:30… but I’m still drunk by six :p


  1. Shi was all like...

    i left you a comment on FB last nite…and was wondering who this mike guy was! turns out he’s antho’s new love interest. or your new love interest. you guys are crazy!

    August 10th, 2011 | #

  2. mayan was all like...

    mike invited us to this show he’s playing this weekend, but jessie and i will be in SF! antho’s going, so he can have this one! ha.

    you should’ve stayed for the show! people had extra tickets that they were just giving away. i doubt you would have liked the band (i mean, she’s no ashanti! lol!), but you would’ve seen antho almost get into a fight with some dude who was getting crazy in front of me. or witnessed antho fall in love… i can’t decide which one was more amusing.

    p.s. i brought my gym shoes today… thanks for the pre-7am reminder/wake-up text :p did you wanna hike torrey pines or chuze it up? i vote for chuze so i won’t be out too late. i still need to do my laundry and pack before tomorrow! unless we want to stuff ourselves with meat afterward? then i can stay up late doing all that other stuff 😉

    August 10th, 2011 | #

  3. Shi was all like...

    oh you are weeeeelcome!

    August 10th, 2011 | #

  4. jessie was all like...

    I hope he doesn’t think we Charlie Bravo-ing his ass!! LOL! The joy on Anthos face when Mike said “i work for Stone” was priceless!

    August 11th, 2011 | #

  5. chel was all like...


    August 15th, 2011 | #

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