» If I were you, I would have worn knee pads.
If I were you, I would have worn knee pads.
Posted on January 11th, 2004 in Uncategorized

How GREAT was this weekend? On Friday, I went to go pick up my paycheck and my supervisor was like, “I know you aren’t working right now, but can I see you in my office?” and I was just sitting in his office shitting bricks thinking, “I am SO fired.” Then he comes in and closes the door and says, “We want to hire you as a permanent here.” I’ve been a “seasonal” for two effin years waiting to hear those words. I even got a nice RAISE. What a LOVELY birthday gift 🙂 Later that night, I had tons of fun celebrating my birthday at D&B’s and PB Bar & Grill with Edgar, my sister, Chel, Alvin, Jed, Jay, Sheena, Gerald, Meehchelle, and Joanne. I’m never drinking martinis again, though! Crazy dancing man was bustin his moves at PB as usual. Yesterday, I had a pretty good day at work and my co-worker, Edgar, took me out to lunch for my birthday (thanks again, homie!). After work, I went to the Strip Club Steakhouse to celebrate Meehchelle’s 24th birthday. Afterwards, we went to Ra for some drinks. They make a mean Chambourd Sour over there! Thanks for hooking us up, Marvin! When we were walking back to the car, we ran into Chel and Alvin outside some coffee shop! We decided not to leave yet and had a few more drinks at The Lime where some random guy told Alvin he was cute. Haha. Right now I’m at work and it’s slow as molasses, so I finally have time to update this. I am swamped with school work! Bleh. I’ll do that when I get home tonight. I’m switching to Verizon today, so I’ll let you all know my new cell phone number tomorrow, guys! No more sending you to my voicemail because I don’t have anymore anytime minutes to spare! Haha.

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