» I saw some butterflies and started following them.
I saw some butterflies and started following them.
Posted on January 16th, 2004 in Uncategorized

I went to work this morning because I was going to cover some girl’s shift… and when I got there she was like… I don’t need you to cover my shift for another couple of hours… !!! What the… I woke up early for this shit, lady. That’s alright. I just stayed at work for a while and took advantage of their high speed internet. I ended up not having to cover the end of her shift since it was slow as molasses, so I wasted a perfectly good Friday morning at work. Edgar (the co-worker… I’ll just call him “Skokie” when I mention him, so I don’t have to keep saying “Edgar the boyfriend” and “Edgar the co-worker”) got off work when I was leaving, so we had lunch at Toro motherf*ckin Sushi! 🙂 I ♥ sushi. But not the real kind. The California kind. Ha. Now I’m just waiting for the candle man to get off of work so we can help Sheenie move her shit out of Jamul and into storage. We have to LIFT things. BOO. Haha. I’m so lazy. Sheenie just called wondering where I was, and she said that Jay said that I probably fell asleep after a hot shower (I have a tendency to do that… warm things make me sleepy). Jay said that if that’s not what happened, then I probably saw some butterflies and started following them. Heeeeey. 🙁 I get distracted REALLY easily. That’s no reason to make fun of me, FURBY JAY, JAY FURBY. Ha, ha. =X

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