» Porn ‘n Chicken.
Porn ‘n Chicken.
Posted on December 12th, 2004 in Uncategorized

I actually got to SLEEP IN today 🙂 No waking up butt-early at five in the morning to make caramel macchiatos or to sit in traffic for an hour on the 805 on my way to slang candles in La Jolla. I actually WAKE UP at five in the morning for work sometimes. Skokie was like, “This is the NEW Marion!” Haha. Because you know I normally have trouble waking up before NOON. I have to set three alarms to get up, but still. Five in the morning… I mean, REALLY. Who is UP at that ungodly hour? I still fall asleep in the AM hours when I have work at six in the morning, though. I just need a couple doppio espressos to get me through my shift… Anyway, Edgar’s in the Philippines now, and I haven’t really felt it yet. This is the third time he has gone to P.I. since I’ve been with him, so I guess I’m used to it now. We’re nearing six years, so it’s not like we’re in that puppy stage where I’ll cry if I’m away from him for more than two seconds. I just find myself saying, “Oh, Edgar would have liked (insert random item here),” but I always say stuff like that when I’m not with him. Yesterday, I hung out with Jay and ate and went shopping. He bought Z-Trip’s live album (Jay, Edgar and I watched him at the Scratch Tour earlier this year) and we were listening to it in the car. It reminded me of Edgar. He loves hip hop music (the REAL kind). I’m more of an acoustic, rock, alternative girl myself, but am open to some good hip hop to get my booty shakin. A few days ago, Edgar, Pammie, Jay, and I went to Hollywood to see an acoustic benefit show at The Roxy… what an awesome, intimate venue. Rooney unexpectedly didn’t perform (boo!), and Jason Mraz wasn’t on till the end of the show, so we just walked around Sunset Boulevard. We mocked toys at Hustler and ate at the infamous Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles (who knew chicken and waffles would be such a yummy combo?). I fell in love with two new bands, The Like (an all-female, darker version of The Cardigans) and The Speechwriters (two Jason Mraz’s for the price of one band). Thanks for letting us crash at your pizzad fo shizzad, Pammie! Tonight, I’m going to Jay’s house for his annual my-parents-went-to-a-college-reunion-out-of-town-so-i’m throwing-a-party party. I baked some yummy brownies. They’re probably gonna play poker, but the last time I played, I lost all of Edgar’s money to LYNEEZY, so I think I’ll just stuff my face with Jerome’s ribs and Jay’s pork chops and chill instead. If you don’t have any plans tonight, you should come and eat and get your ass rolled 😉

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