» Safety? What’s that all about?
Safety? What’s that all about?
Posted on December 30th, 2004 in Uncategorized

Today I went up to Snow Valley to go snowboarding with Sheenie, Chris, Arlene and Gerald for Arlene’s birthday. It’s been pouring these past few days, so we expected a lot of fresh powder. I was excited because it was nothing but manmade snow when I went boarding last year. Sheenie drove me to her house in Moreno Valley in the pouring rain at 90 mph (Safety? What’s that all about?). She is one crazy biatch! Chris, Arlene and G met us at Sheenie’s and we all rode together from there. Five gas stations, Starbucks, WalMart and two attempts at attaching chains to our tires later, we arrived at Snow Valley. There was snow EVERYWHERE and I felt like I was in a snow globe. It was so beautiful. I wish Edgar was there to see it. It started raining… Then it started snowing… Then it started HAILING mini ice balls of death! Those b*tches hurt! It didn’t stop hailing the entire time we were up there. We got there close to one in the afternoon and the resort closed at four. We only had a couple hours to snowboard and we found out that they closed everything but the bunny lifts because of the strong winds and hail. We didn’t think it was worth paying $50 to ride the bunny lifts for a couple hours. Plus I still had to rent boots and a board since Edgar’s boots were too big for me, but just small enough for Sheenie’s sasquatch ass. LOL. My feet were soaked through because I was wearing my slip on vans while everyone else had boots on. We had a snowball fight instead. Afterwards, we stopped in Moreno Valley to eat at Olive Garden and go to Sheenie’s before heading home around five in the afternoon. Chris, Arlene and G went home soon after we got to Sheenie’s house, but I fell asleep on her couch and Sheenie fell asleep in her room. We left around nine o’clock and stopped at JT’s bar in San Diego to see Brad before going home. Even though nothing went as planned today and we weren’t able to go snowboarding, we all had SO much fun. I can’t wait till Edgar comes home (one more week!) so we can attempt to go snowboarding again.

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