» It was… It was incredible.
It was… It was incredible.
Posted on January 17th, 2005 in Uncategorized

I’m sick =( Please kill me. I’m drinking massive amounts of hot tea in hopes that my voice will come back and my nose will stop running and my head will stop throbbing. Maybe if I just imagine I’m weightless in the middle of the ocean surrounded by tiny little seahorses I’ll feel better. I always get sick right before I’m about to do something FUN… Of course I got sick just days before my BIRTHDAY PARTY! Gah. It didn’t stop me from having an effin good time, though! I had the BEST time. Everyone that I wanted to be there actually came and celebrated with me and Meehchelle. I didn’t think we had enough food, but there was like TEN TIMES more alcohol! The boys brought the poker table, hookah and PARTY BUDDY (some strange contraption that holds bottles of alcohol upside down and dispenses shots with a twist of the twisty handle), we had THREE bottles of Chambord (my favorite!), beer, and a BUTTLOAD of hard liquor. My friends are pretty hardcore when it comes to drinking. I had the worst headache, though. Evidently, you shouldn’t mix alcohol with cold medicine and you should never drink alcoholic beverages mixed by ROSSANNE. Haha. Everyone left around five in the morning when Meehchelle put an end to Edgar’s drunken madness on the turntables LOL. Thankfully, Edgar spared us our vision this time and didn’t end up streaking, but he was PISS DRUNK! His eyes were bloodshot and his skin was lobster red. You know he’s drunk when he starts talking nonstop about back in the day this and that… Jose was like, “He’s gonna start crying soon!” He passed out after everyone left, but I stayed up till 8:30 in the morning because I was so wired. Pammie bought me a polaroid camera and tons of film for my birthday (thanks, SEESTER!), so I have a million instant photos from our party. My friends sharpied quotes on them, so they’re extra special. I’ll post them on here when I get the chance, but I might leave out a couple INDECENT shots (SHEEN!). Today, we all had lunch at Bronx Pizza in Hillcrest and checked out the little shops before heading back to Meehchelle’s and watching Napoleon Dynamite for the millionth time haha. I’m kinda hungry, so I’m gonna make myself a dang quesa-dilluh! GOSH!

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