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Photo Dump.
Posted on July 27th, 2013 in photo dump

photo dump

  • The Blood Orange Sweet Tea at Coffee Bean will change your life, I swear.
  • This looks like a shelf at Trader Joe’s, but it’s the inside of my mom’s cupboard. After dog-sitting at my parents’ house last weekend, she sent me home with four jars of cookie butter and some leftover sangria from her wild night out with her friends. Best mom evs!
  • This was my view for THREE HOURS on the drive home from SD Sunday night. Too bad all the nerds couldn’t beam themselves home from Comic Con!
  • Eileen found a random garlic bulb in her tote bag when we went out for sushi! The weirdest thing I’ve ever found in my purse is an anvil—for a brief window in 2010, I used it for jewelry stamping (or when Wile E. Coyote would sneak up on me).
  • I’m not sure what concerns me more—is it that my check engine light just turned on, or that my gas light has been on for the past three days???
  • Apartment hunting in Manhattan Beach is the pits. This one place I looked at had an ocean view and was $300 cheaper than the studio I live in now. And when I stepped inside, I found out why: the entire apartment was literally 50 square feet! Multi-tasking is cool and everything, but I just can’t live in a place where I can wash my dishes, open the front door, and grab a beer from the fridge all while lying in bed.

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