» Bleeding tears.
Bleeding tears.
Posted on January 26th, 2004 in death, family

We went to my aunt’s viewing yesterday. These last few months, she had gotten so sick and so pale… but yesterday she looked SO beautiful. Chel said she was going to do her make-up, because she didn’t want them to pull some crazy shit on her face like they tend to do at the make-up counters in department stores… They did a damn good job, though. I’m glad, too, because I wouldn’t be able to put make-up on my mother for her viewing… Chel has too much to deal with right now to have to do something like that. My aunt was LOVED. There were sooo many people there… I’m not the most religious person in the world, so I usually skip out on the rosary, but I needed to be there. I was crying half the time, because Chel said a few words before the rosary that were so upsetting. She was crying while she was up there, so it just made whatever she was saying ten times sadder. I hate to see your family in so much pain, Chel. I know I keep saying this, but let me reiterate that THE GIRLS are here for anything you need…

I started spring semester today. I have three classes today with half an hour to an hour between each class… SUCKIES. What sucks even MORE is that I got out early from my first class, because the first day is usually just SYLLABUS day, so I have a few hours between my classes now… I don’t really want to go anywhere, because I just have to come back here anyway. Lame!

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