» Late night. Come home. Work sucks. I know.
Late night. Come home. Work sucks. I know.
Posted on November 9th, 2004 in Uncategorized

Today was my first real day at work. All I did was stock candles in a ridiculously tiny hallway the whole day. Surprisingly, I didn’t break anything or accidentally maim myself with the boxcutter. I really shouldn’t be allowed to use a boxcutter, but oh well. My hands are still all waxy and candle-y. My shift was cut in half because it was slow as molasses and they needed to save hours for next week’s huge shipment. It took me half an hour to get to work and forty five minutes to get home 🙁 I really don’t know what I was expecting with this job… Today was shipment day, so hopefully I won’t be on candle-stocking duty tomorrow and it’ll be fun and painless. I’ve decided to work at Illuminations AND Starbucks. I’m not even close to making enough money at Illuminations (plus the tiny hallway and the traffic and blehhh), so I’m gonna talk to the assistant manager at Starbucks tomorrow to see if he still needs me. There’s like TWENTY girls working at Illuminations, so maybe I can just work at Starbucks during the week and Illuminations on weekends. I just want to keep my discount 😉 Everyone’s getting scented candles for Christmas! I wanna save money to go to Italy during the summer and Texas in March to be a bridesmaid at Roxy’s wedding, so I’m gonna go cheap on the Christmas gifts this year… but they’ll be COOL, cheap Christmas gifts! 🙂

This past weekend, I went up to Riverside with Meehchelle and Gerald. We had a BLAST 🙂 Thanks, Meehchelle, for showing me around my future school! She took us to her favorite hangout when she was in college, The Getaway. They make a mean french dip there! I’m SOOO predicatable, huh, Meehchelle? We went to Sheenie’s new house in Mo-Val and I ♥ her purple-striped walls in her room! We gotta paint my room sometime this year! Gerald didn’t drink the whole time he was in Iraq, so he passed out after a few DIRTY shots (you would understand the dirtyness if you saw how he was drinking these shots haha). We were going to spend the night at my sister’s house in the OC, but ended up going home because Ernst & Young is a fascist company who makes their employees work twelve-hour days and weekends without overtime. Sorry, Pammie! Next time… It was my mom’s birthday this weekend, so we went to dinner on Saturday at Sycuan and I won a whopping $4.50! High roller over here. On Sunday, I had lunch with my relatives for my mom’s real birthday before heading over to UTC for orientation at Illuminations. Afterwards, I watched The Incredibles with Gerald and Edgar. It was so cute 🙂 Another great weekend with my family and friends.

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