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Monday, April 1, 2024

My dad took me to my dentist appointment this morning (it was just a cleaning, I haven’t had a cavity in at least 20 years), and he went to the VA while I was there and wasn’t back by the time I was done, so I walked to Coffee Bean and had a cold brew latte while I waited. This girl walked in while I was sipping my cold brew with my sunglasses on because I didn’t want anyone to talk to me LOL, and she asked them if they had “decaf expresso.” In my head, I was like, “No, but they have decaf espresso.”

An hour passed after my appointment was over, and I was super annoyed because I had to get back to work and my dad wasn’t answering his phone. My mom could’ve just driven me if he had plans. Anyway, I get a $50 uber back to the house (my dentist is by my sister’s old apartment in Carmel Mountain), and my mom tells me she doesn’t have a key to the house because my dad drove her car, so he has her keys. My dad calls my mom when he’s done at the VA, but we’re already in the uber so I just tell him to drive straight home. The VA’s in fucking La Jolla, so we get to the house before he does and have to wait outside for 10 minutes because we don’t have any keys.

judging you gif

Anyway, this has been my judgy, annoyed face all morning.

black cat headband

I did some retail therapy and bought this cat headband to cheer me up.

no guns allowed

Also, I would hope guns aren’t allowed anywhere, not just at Nordstrom Rack 😅

Update: I’m wearing my cat headband and I’ve taken my prozac, so I’m in a much better mood now 😸

Mayan vs. the Monorail
Monday, August 27, 2007

Today I wasted 45 minutes of my life driving through streets and parking structures I didn’t even know existed looking for parking on my first day back to school. You would think that I’d be able to find one parking space among the 14,000 spots SDSU claims to have. I ended up paying $12 to park in the one spot open in the KPBS visitor lot that is on the opposite side of campus from my first class (which I had already missed the first half hour of). I bought a semester trolley pass in a blind rage after class. Public transportation? Yikes. It’s gonna be one long semester.

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