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Better luck tomorrow.
Wednesday, October 31, 2007

So I tried to log into this SDSU database that hosts all the images of the paintings I need to know for my midterm tomorrow. It wouldn’t let me access it from home and the online help desk wasn’t really helpful, so I went all the way back to school to try to access it from the library. I paid for parking, because I don’t have a parking pass—I usually take the trolley. After some help, I was able to get into the database and was told that I *could* access it from home… All I had to do was register. Ugh. I figured I would stay there and study since I was already there. So I’m saving all the images so I can squeeze them all on a few sheets of paper, since I’m just going to cut them out and make flashcards. I’m on a PC and it doesn’t have Photoshop on it, so I E-mail each individual image to myself, so that I can open them on a Mac nearby. I set up all my documents in Photoshop, and I go to print it and the printer isn’t working. I go to the help desk and they say their printers went down earlier, but they should be working on the PCs… but the PCs don’t have Photoshop. I ask them if they could print my document from their computer at the help desk. They say they can’t, but they can print the images from the database. It ends up being eleven pages instead of my condensed two. Whatever, I tell them. I’ll pay for it. At this point they ask to see my SDSU ID. They say it’s the only form of payment they accept and that I can put money on my ID card on the machine around the corner. I stick my ID into the machine and it says to insert cash for deposit. All I have in my wallet are five credit cards, a frequent frozen yogurt card and a couple Sacajaweas that I got as change back from the vending machine at work—don’t even get me started on that. I go back to the help desk and I’m like… So it only takes cash? They tell me I can go to an ATM at one of the markets around school… but they’re all closed right now because it’s ten o’clock at night. At this point I decide that I’ve wasted two hours of my life and $6 in parking and it’s time to go home. I hope I have better luck on my midterms tomorrow.

Too cool for school.
Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I just finished memorizing the titles, artists and dates of 75 paintings for part of just one of my midterms tomorrow. UGH! I’m such a procrastinator. I had an entire week off from school last week because of the fires, and instead of studying for my midterms, I baked some red velvet cupcakes, watched a concert at the Belly Up, taught myself how to knit (because I’m not enough of a spinster already), dyed Jay’s shorts Hooter-orange for his Halloween costume, changed my Myspace playlist… Le’sigh. I’ve vowed to start studying for finals early so that I’m not a stressed out biatch come December. I just want this week to be over with already…

Here’s a video from the Colbie Caillat show I went to…

Her guitarist, Justin Kawika Young, was more than worth the stress. More vids here.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

wildfireI started this blog over the weekend bitching about the third parking ticket I received this year alone in the OC last week (the second in SD and the first in LA—it’s like I’m trying to be ticketed in every city). Now that San Diego’s going down in flames, it all seems so trivial. I can see one of the five fires burning around SD from my own backyard in the Valley. Besides having class canceled during the Cedar Fire of 2003, I’ve never really been affected by a fire until last night. I thought I’d be able to sit it out in the comfort of my own home like the last time, but the police pounded on our door around six o’clock and urged us to evacuate immediately. I didn’t realize how serious it was until I saw the flames rising above Mt. San Miguel towards my house on TV at my grandma’s apartment. A lot of my friends live in the same neighborhood, so I contacted them all to make sure they were okay, along with my relatives who had evacuated the fires in North County. Luckily, everyone was fine, but my relatives up north won’t find out if their houses were spared until they’re allowed to go back home later this week (along with nearly a million other displaced Californians). I was supposed to have two midterms, a project and a term paper due this week, but class has been canceled through the weekend… That doesn’t really make me feel much better about what’s happening here at home, though.

On a happier note, I finally booked our trip to Hawaii. Pammie, Shi, Chel and I are going to have an amazing time… The only thing I’m not looking forward to is all that exercise I have to do in order to be beach-ready by January. And all that yummy food I have to avoid over the holidays. And all those nights I’ll spend crying myself to sleep out of hunger. I mean… What.

An inconvenient truth.
Monday, October 8, 2007

Cons of taking the trolley:

  • Getting to the station just as the trolley is leaving.
  • Waiting fifteen minutes for the next trolley.
  • Realizing I forgot my phone in my car.
  • Missing the next trolley while I’m looking for my phone in my car.
  • Not finding my phone in my car.
  • Waiting fifteen minutes for the next trolley. Again.
  • Finding my phone in my backpack.
  • Getting dropped off in front of campus.
  • Walking ten minutes to the art department in the back of campus.
  • Walking down five flights of stairs to my classroom.
  • Finding a note on my classroom door that says my only class today has been canceled.
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