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Dropping buttons like Galileo dropped the orange.
Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I got a surprising amount of orders this past week from sororities, so I spent my Sunday in front of the tube making buttons. I wasn’t really paying attention. It was mostly just background noise as I worked. By the time I was finished filling orders, I realized that I watched “The Wedding Planner,” “The Wedding Singer” and “My Best Friend’s Wedding.” I also just finished reading this fictional wedding-themed book on Saturday called “Something Borrowed” (so fucking awesome that I read it in one day) and started reading its sequel, “Something Blue.” I saw the first book at Borders and snagged it because I liked the cover. Anyway, this whole weekend has been an ugly reminder that I am straight spinster status. I always spend Thanksgiving with my mom’s sisters and my cousins who are all around my age, but this year a lot of my cousins weren’t there because they were spending Thanksgiving with their husband’s slash baby’s daddy’s side of the family… and my cousins who WERE there were there with their significant others… even my younger cousins. So sad.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I got my pre-sale on today and bought tickets to Incubus for me and Pammie. I get to spend my birthday with one of my favorite bands, my favorite sister and 2,600 other people… and maybe you, too, if you’d like to celebrate a quarter of a century with me. Soma is arguably the worst venue I’ve ever been to, but I haven’t been this excited since my bangs grew back. I wasn’t even old enough to drink beer the last time I saw them… Now I’ll be old enough to accompany minors! I finally have something worth looking forward to. If someone ruins my birthday, I will ruin their life! 🙂

Food and Liquor.
Monday, November 13, 2006

On our way to see Lupe Fiasco, we stopped by the new Chick-Fil-A on Sports Arena Boulevard… It’s been months since I’ve been out with anybody and even longer since I’ve had Chick-Fil-A. There’s also a Phil’s BBQ being built on the same street. MADNESS! SD City Beat came out with its annual “Best of San Diego” list and Phil’s was voted “Best BBQ” for the millionth time. I want to try the rest of the winning restaurants. Who wants to come with? Anyway, Lupe Fiasco was disappointing. Midnight rolled around and there was still no sign of him. Jay took a nap on the couch as we listened to almost three hours of opening acts. It was Street Scene all over again, except he actually showed up this time… His set didn’t even last a full hour. Wackness. At least he played the three songs I wanted to hear (“You My,” “Daydream” and “Kick, Push”). Common was two hours late the first time we saw him, but he was well worth the wait. Lupe put on a good show, but it was entirely too short and not worth waiting three hours for. I skipped out on 94.9’s anniversary bash with OK Go at 4th & B for this… I could’ve gone to that first AND eaten Chick-Fil-A AND walked from downtown to Mission Beach and I still would’ve made it to Canes before Lupe Fiasco did.

Our pets’ heads are falling off.
Tuesday, November 7, 2006

So I only have three and a quarter door handles on my car now. I must’ve been crazy excited that I was finally going home after hours of art history lecture, because I opened my driver side door in the SDSU parking garage and more than half of the door handle snapped off in my hand. Seriously WTF. One of my windows no longer functions… I can’t see through the old, bubbling tint on my rear windshield… I shattered my sideview mirror when I hit the side of my garage… I’ve been driving in silence since last November when my stereo decided to stop working… My air conditioner blows air that is somehow warmer than the air outside… Our pets’ heads are falling off… Could anything else go wrong? Someone please steal my car already. It’s the white Camry with mismatched hubcaps and gray, unpainted replacement bumper from that time I accidentally hit a dog. I’ll make it easy for you by unintentionally leaving my car keys in the door (again). I shouldn’t be allowed to drive.

Postal Service.
Sunday, November 5, 2006

I made my usual trip to the post office today to buy stamps so I could mail out buttons. I normally go to the post office by the bank, but was halfway home from work by the time I remembered to go. I went to the one by my house instead where they don’t know that I always buy a crazy amount of oddly priced stamps… The mail clerk was like, “Sixty 52¢ stamps! Are you getting married, hun?” OK what. Thanks for reminding me that I’m nearly twenty-five without a boyfriend to marry. Sad times.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.
Thursday, November 2, 2006

So today sucked. I usually look forward to Wednesdays… It used to be because I’d get crazy drunk with my friends at JT’s Pub and still manage to get up for work the next morning.. but now it’s because it’s my day off from the bank, I only have a couple of classes, and most importantly… Four back-to-back episodes of “Without a Trace” followed by a repeat of “Las Vegas.” Oh, how the mighty have fallen. After school, I went to Mission Valley to take a pilates class and accidentally locked my keys in my car. This is something I WOULD do, but surprisingly, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve done it… and each of those times I luckily had my window cracked open and friends around with small arms. I was by myself this time and I didn’t want to call any of my friends with small arms because I’ve been MIA for months and I’m not one of those people who only call when they need something. I had a minor lapse of judgement and considered calling my dad since he has the only spare key to my car, but thought about the endless lecturing that would result from this favor and decided against it… When I finally decided to call Pammie, I realized that I left my cell phone at home. I was 0 for 2. The girls at 24 Hour let me use their phone, but Pammie was still in the OC working… So ultimately, I had to cough up $35 for some tow truck guy the concierge called to break into my car. He used what looked like one of those blood pressure measurer things to pump some space in the crack of my door. Then he stuck some hanger apparatus that I could’ve fashioned myself in the small open crack to unlock my door. I should keep a hanger and blood pressure kit in my car for times like these… but I guess it wouldn’t really help me if it was locked in my trunk, now would it? You should keep it in YOUR car so you can help me the next time it inevitably happens. I missed my class waiting for the tow guy in the parking structure, since I didn’t have my cell phone with me… Otherwise I would’ve been getting my pilates on during the 45 minutes it took him to get there. Today wasn’t entirely sucky, though… I came home to the sweetest E-mail from an old friend. Thanks, Errol ♥

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