» Our pets’ heads are falling off.
Our pets’ heads are falling off.
Posted on November 7th, 2006 in Uncategorized

So I only have three and a quarter door handles on my car now. I must’ve been crazy excited that I was finally going home after hours of art history lecture, because I opened my driver side door in the SDSU parking garage and more than half of the door handle snapped off in my hand. Seriously WTF. One of my windows no longer functions… I can’t see through the old, bubbling tint on my rear windshield… I shattered my sideview mirror when I hit the side of my garage… I’ve been driving in silence since last November when my stereo decided to stop working… My air conditioner blows air that is somehow warmer than the air outside… Our pets’ heads are falling off… Could anything else go wrong? Someone please steal my car already. It’s the white Camry with mismatched hubcaps and gray, unpainted replacement bumper from that time I accidentally hit a dog. I’ll make it easy for you by unintentionally leaving my car keys in the door (again). I shouldn’t be allowed to drive.

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