» I f*cking ♥ technology.
I f*cking ♥ technology.
Posted on March 10th, 2005 in Uncategorized

So last night we all gathered at Errol’s house (sans Pammie and Meehchelle) to watch the Big Bear video. OMG. Effin HILARIOUS! The camera was on at times we weren’t aware, so we were caught doing some pretty funny shit! WOP! Hahahahaha. How gay was it to be filmed while we posed for like 50 timed camera shots? Too bad the camera wasn’t on when Meehchelle, Julz and Pammie slipped and fell on their butts! It’s so painful to watch yourself on TV. The camera adds like ten pounds, too (how many cameras were on me?). I kept thinking… Is that what I look like? Anyway, we’re trying to get Rome to hook us all up with DVDs of the VHS tape… Someone told me this could be done 😉 I f*cking ♥ technology. Right now I’m loving life (most parts, anyway). Looking forward to my weekend in CHICAGO with Pammie! My mom just came home right now and gave me some thermal underwear for the trip. X-LARGE MEN’S thermal underwear. For the love of God! She said it was the smallest size they had… and it was on clearance. Ah, who cares. I’ll wear baggy thermal underwear under my clothes as long as I get to do it in CHICAGO!

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