» It’s colder than it ought to be in March.
It’s colder than it ought to be in March.
Posted on March 23rd, 2005 in Uncategorized

It’s raining. Again. Luckily, I don’t have work or school this week, so I can stay off the roads as much as possible. I have to put air in my tires later today so I’m reading instructions because this is something I’ve never done before! I was going to have Edgar do it, but he has work… Maybe I’ll have Jay do it later 😉 I’ll probably give myself flat tires if I attempt to do it on my own. Anyway, I’m home from Texas. That was the longest weekend of my entire life. We drove 24 hours straight to and from Texas (well I didn’t drive, of course). We saw Roxy for like.. two seconds. She got married, had the reception at her husband’s house, then left the reception to consummate her marriage before I could even have cake! LOL. Oh, man. Let me tell you about TEXAS. It is the wackest state I have ever step foot in! The groomsmen asked us if we wanted to go clubbing with them (I use the term lightly). We were like, F*CK YEAH! The night was still young. We decided to skip South Padre Island where all the spring breakers were partying, because it would have taken us two hours to get there. We hit up a local club called GRAHAM Central Station… WTF. It had a $6 cover charge and six different rooms. There was karaoke, 70s, salsa, country, hip hop and some other one I can’t remember. We stayed in the hip hop room and the DJ rotated the SAME four tracks! There were people in COWBOY HATS dancing to hip hop. Most of the people couldn’t dance. There was this girl that had to be at least 250 pounds wearing this bathing suit with strategic cut outs dancing with her rolls flapping about… and no one thought this was disturbing but us. The only thing good about the club were the $2 test tube shots… which I couldn’t drink because I was the DD for the night. I hope you had a good time, b*tches! Haha. I definitely needed some alcohol to enjoy myself at this place… Texas is also full of Whataburger fast food joints, so we decided to try it. Shi placed her order first for cheese fries. Then the rest of us placed orders after her for entire meals. We all got our food before her and I even ate my whole meal by the time she got her food. She asked them where her food was, and they brought it to her table. They gave her a box of fries and a SLICE OF CHEESE in a wrapper. OH HELL NO. We couldn’t stop laughing over that shit. I guess cheese fries has a different meaning over there. As if this trip couldn’t get any worse, Edgar got a speeding ticket on the way home for doing 80 in a 70. The cop had his lights turned off and was facing the opposite directing of traffic and right when we passed his covert ass, he turned his lights on and turned around and followed us. I don’t know about New Mexican laws, but you have to at least have your parking lights on and be visible to passing cars if you’re a cop in California. He was like… You have two options. You can plead guilty and mail in $80 for your ticket, or contest it in court. Like Edgar’s gonna drive TWELVE hours to New Mexico to contest an $80 ticket! Then, to add more salt to the wound, Edgar’s friends called him up and said that they partied with C.S. Keys at Harrah’s for his FOX sports show and got drunk with him in the limo he picked them up in… all while Edgar was having a horrible weekend and just got a speeding ticket… Then they told Edgar that C.S. Keys invited them to do it again on April 2nd… and he can’t go again because he RSVP’d to go to a paid-dinner family party with me at the Double Tree Hotel. He must REALLY hate being my boyfriend right now LOL.

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