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Posted on May 21st, 2005 in Uncategorized

Pictures from our weekend in San Juan Capistrano and Scott’s party have been posted (thanks, Jay, Julz and Edgar!). Yesterday, Jay took me out for breakfast at Hash House in Hillcrest. YUM! That was the most INCREDIBLE breakfast ever. When we got there, he was like… Reservation for Jay. LOL. I’ve never eaten at a place that someone made reservations for me at. These two girls were eating near us and one of their boyfriend’s came in and surprised them with flowers. What the… I almost cried. I’m such a nerd. It was so sweet. These ladies who were waiting to be seated clapped when he was leaving haha. We stopped to check out shoes at Mint and Best Buy for Jay’s weekly visit before he had to go to work. Afterwards, I picked up my SOUL sister, Trace, and went to Grossmont hospital to apply for a job. We went across the street to the mall to stalk Skokie, but he had already gone home from work. Afterwards, we ate at Chipotople and had the BEST girl talk! Lately, I’ve been surrounded by testosterone, so it’s refreshing to vent with a girl. Guys just aren’t built to endure that kind of bitching! Later that night, the set came over to Edgar’s to chill and we beatboxed LOL. I only had one line, but I owned that shit. Haha. Good times!

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