» Seven dollar make you holler.
Seven dollar make you holler.
Posted on May 21st, 2005 in Uncategorized

I had the BEST time at D&B’s on Thursday. The set went there for Charlene’s 21st birthday. I don’t think I’ve ever had fun at D&B’s before that. I never looked forward to going (especially on FILIPINO Thursdays)… I should’ve known that a little alcohol could fix that. $7, one Zombie and one Chambord later, I was on a GOOD one. I’m such a cheap date. I’ve NEVER had such a good alcoholic experience. It’s usually fun for a while, then the fun quickly ends with me yakking or hungover… but none of that ish happened this time. Edgar was SOOO mad at me! I drove Trace there, so I was supposed to be able to drive both of us home. I only had two drinks in the span of three hours, so I figured that I would be okay, but that Zombie f*cking killed me… and then Errol bought me a Chambord Sour that I couldn’t pass up… when it hits your lips… YUM. I could barely keep my eyes open. I somehow managed to score a ridiculously high score in skee ball, though! I kept hitting the 50 shot… then I hit the *100* shot… which is like IMPOSSIBLE even when you’re sober. Having Edgar yell at me for being the most irresponsible designated driver ever didn’t even kill my buzz. After much debating that I was OK to drive, Julz ended up driving my car back to Ed’s where we all smoked some candy sheesh (my new favorite) and sobered up with some Mexican food (thanks, ROSS!). Tonight is Errol’s graduation party. He makes me feel terribly old and behind, but I can’t say enough how proud I am of him. Thank goodness he lives up the street from me. This designated driver shit is overrated.

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