» Soul sisters.
Soul sisters.
Posted on June 8th, 2005 in Uncategorized

During one of our philosophical conversations, Errol said that people try to make their lives seem much more interesting in their blogs. My life is VERY uninteresting… but I’m easily amused. Corneal abrasions… Sandwiches… If that’s not interesting, I don’t know what is! Maybe I should spice things up a bit. What if I told you that I recently discovered that me and one of my best girls, Trace, are SISTERS! Okay, not really. But we’re cousins! Okay… so we’re not BLOOD cousins. Her sister’s godmother is my mom’s sister! And Trace’s Dad is my cousin’s godfather! My aunt has known Trace’s mom since back in the day when my mom and her sisters went to Sweetwater High and Trace’s mom went to Mount Miguel! She’s basically FAMILY if you look at it from a FILIPINO perspective 🙂 I always sensed that we were relatives haha. Anyway, a few things going on this week… I start summer school tonight (BOO!). Going to the COMMON show tomorrow night at the new House of Blues in San Diego (finally!). Celebrating Skokie’s birthday on Thursday (if he deems me cool enough to party with him!). Then Edgar moves into his new house in Otay Ranch this weekend. I should have a lot of pictures posted throughout the week (taken with my grad gift from Pammie!). I have to go to school now. Bah. See you later tonight for some fakhfakhina, biatches.

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