» “Not your grandma’s flan” cupcakes.
“Not your grandma’s flan” cupcakes.
Posted on December 25th, 2011 in baking, holidays

leche flan cupcakes

I was doing everything short of bending time and space to get these damn flans out of my supposedly nonstick brioche pans when my aunt turned to me and said, “It’s so hard being Martha Stewart, isn’t it?”

It really is.


  1. Shi was all like...

    i miss baking with you, my love!

    December 27th, 2011 | #

  2. mayan was all like...

    wherever we end up living, i’m bringing all the calphalon bakeware i got over christmas 🙂 can’t wait!

    December 27th, 2011 | #

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