» So many concerts and so little cash.
So many concerts and so little cash.
Posted on September 19th, 2003 in hoobastank

I just added like SEVEN shows to my calendar for the next month or so. I would love to go to each of these shows but I have no f*ckin money. Ahhh, it’s times like these that I curse THE MAN for limiting my funds. I’m transferring to SDSU next fall, so in order for me to qualify for tuition assistance (from my dad being a retired navy guy), the government says I have to make under $8,700 a year. I’ve already made $6,000 and I only have a few thousand to go. I took a summer hiatus from working so I wouldn’t go over the limit since I plan to work at Red Envelope again starting next month. I wish I could just make tons of money and not worry about tuition assistance… but the government paying my tuition in full is worth missing one or two or FIFTY shows here and there. I know I’m being a brat because there’s how many hundreds of thousands of people who are struggling to pay their way through college… but shit it’s HOOBASTANK. THE USED. TSUNAMI BOMB. ROONEY. Dammit. I feel like I’m in a Catch-22 (ERRR I *hated* that book). SDSU was never an option for me before. I wanted to go to school outside of San Diego. I wanted to experience something new. My sister is going to school in Fullerton (OK bad analogy because she *hates* the O.C. and misses San Diego haha). I wanted to go to school in L.A. or in the bay area… but I know if I went to school outside S.D. I would have to pay my own rent in my own apartment without the help of my parents… I wouldn’t be able to make enough money for rent, but I’d have free money for school. If I worked a lot, I’d have money to pay rent, but I wouldn’t get free tuition. Either way I lose. My sister got full tuition assistance, but she had to take out student loans just to pay her rent because she couldn’t make over $8,700 annually and that doesn’t even cover the rent, let alone groceries and necessities. I don’t want to be indebted to student loans for years to come as soon as I graduate from college. I already had enough credit card debt by the time I hit 19. If I go to State, I can live at home (at times unbearable, but always free). As long as I make under the limit, the government will pay for me to go to college (minus books). SDSU is the PRACTICAL choice… Not the choice I would have made if money wasn’t an issue, but unfortunately it is. I wish I won the lotto. Then I would BUY Hoobastank. The Used. Tsunami Bomb. Rooney. I would go to the college I *want* to go to instead of the one that is the most practical for me. My parents are very adamant about my sister and I realizing that life will not be handed to us on silver platters. If we want something, we have to earn it. They are not paying for us to go to college. They are not paying for us to live in our own apartments or dorms. They are not paying for us to have brand new cars. It’s not like they don’t have the money to pay for these things. We’re supposed to be old enough and responsible enough to know that they won’t always be there to pay for everything. I’m lucky I don’t have to pay for rent in my parents’ house. My sister and I both got jobs once we turned sixteen and we haven’t stopped working since. I’ve never gone more than a few months without having a job. It’s nice to be able to buy yourself things with the money that YOU earned. If you constantly spoil your kids, they’ll never be able to live on their own…

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