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Posted on October 24th, 2003 in linkin park

Right now I’m on my break at work. With more and more seasonals coming in, I hope I don’t have to share my cubicle with someone. I’m super anal about being organized at my desk. I only use clear thumbtacks. All the papers posted on my walls are perfectly aligned at 90 degree angles. I have my mini photos hanging on my wall and a few framed photos on my desk and my Linkin Park pencil holder cube filled with my own pens and highlighters… In the beginning of this year, I came to work one day and was mortified. Multi-colored thumbtacks held up wrinkled papers aligned at different angles. Scrawled out notes on sticky post-its covered my monitor. Some of my pens were missing. My catalog was missing (and I know it wasn’t my sister again, because she wasn’t working here anymore! Haha… Last year, I came to work and my catalog with my name sharpied on the cover was missing from my desk. I was talking to my sister during my break and I was like, “Yeah, some bitch took my catalog!” and she was all, “Uhhh, it was ME!” LOL). Fortunately, my deskmate was moved to a different cubicle because our schedules overlapped… I finally saw Sharon and Kit today! I haven’t seen them since I left last June. Sharon and I were talking and James was like… “Oh, no… The two of you are together again!” We used to sit in adjoining cubicles near James’ desk and he would hear all of our loud ass conversations. I’ve missed her crazy ass over the summer. It feels good to be back.

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