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Posted on July 1st, 2023 in exercise, health, tv

kim richards - but i don't want to gif - real housewives of beverly hills

…or me whenever my sister tells me I should go on a walk or do my Breather exercises that my speech therapist told me to do. Basically, I don’t like any kind of exercise LOL. She’s always like, “You should be grateful you can still move and talk!” especially after her coworker told her that her cousin who’s the same age as me had a stroke and died. Ok fine, I’ll go on a walk and do my breathing exercises… *grumbles*


  1. Shi was all like...

    Damn, Pam. Way to keep it so fo reals!

    July 3rd, 2023 | #

  2. mayan was all like...

    #voiceofreason lol. she keeps it too real!

    July 3rd, 2023 | #

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