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What the french toast?
Posted on May 22nd, 2010 in concerts, food and drink, travel

At the risk of ruining what glimmer of street cred I might have, I’m going to let you in on my secret shame… I used to be in show choir. I have the sequin dress and nude character shoes to prove it. Fortunately, there’s no audio or video proof, but I think that admitting it is proof enough. Naturally, I fell in love with the TV show, Glee. And yes, I’m a total Gleek… What of it??? Last night, the girls and I headed up to LA to watch them in concert.

I took the day off from work, but was awakened at an ungodly hour by Shi, who loves her job and decided to take a half day instead. I mean, I don’t even know why she went to work at all. I’m sure her day consisted of taking two lunches, removing her nail polish with the cotton balls and nail polish remover she keeps readily available in her office, and calling me six times before 10am. Seriously, can I enjoy?

We picked up Pammie in the OC and stopped at In-N-Out for lunch. With our ridiculous order of extras (extra fries, extra-large drinks, extra-toasted buns, burgers cut in half… who are these people?), I’m surprised we ever made it to LA at all.

The LXD opened for Glee and I was blown away (especially by Madd Chadd Smith and his panty droppin’ chest pops). Def check out their inspiring performance at TED earlier this year. I’ll spare you the rest of the concert details, but the show was amazing. And I’m pretty sure Puck singled me out in the crowd and gave me a thumbs up in this picture. Try not to be too jealous:

glee concert

We stayed the night at Pammie’s and planned to eat brunch at Break of Dawn in Laguna Hills before heading home:

break of dawn

Little did we know we’d be waking up at the break of dawn, too. Shi needed to be back in SD by noon, so brunch turned into breakfast. 8:30 isn’t too early for a cocktail, is it?

break of dawn mai tai

Shi ordered the craziest mac and cheese I’ve ever seen. It had Sicil­ian sausage, short ribs, smoked gouda, tomato carbonara sauce, and was topped with bacon fried eggs:

break of dawn mac and cheese

Pammie and Chel both ordered the green eggs and ham benedict. Would they eat them in a box? Would they like them with a fox? And an even bigger question—how has Shi never heard of Green Eggs and Ham???

break of dawn eggs benedict

I ordered the most sinful thing on the menu… creme brulee french toast. It def beat the strawberries and cream french toast I had from Cafe 21 (and that’s saying something):

break of dawn creme brulee french toast

Pammie also got promoted to manager of her auditing department yesterday, so I just wanted to say congrats again! I know she won’t be moving back home to San Diego anytime soon, so I guess I’ll just have to keep going up to the OC to visit her. And if I’m forced to eat at Break of Dawn while I’m there, then so be it.


  1. Skok-dizzle was all like...

    1. You ain’t never had no street cred.

    B. Going to a Glee concert has bumped you up from Gleek to Gleetard.

    III. Did that place have PM Dawn on a perpetual loop in that place? If not, I don’t want to go to there.

    WTF Shi? Do you have a death wish? You just lost the use of 15% of your heart after that Mac & Cheese. Also, did you spend your childhood in a closet under the stairs? Cut off from the rest of the world? Do your parents hate you? Do they hate Dr. Suess? I don’t understand how you don’t know about Green Eggs and Ham.

    May 23rd, 2010 | #

  2. mayan was all like...

    1. sorry we can’t all grow up on the streets of LA, son!

    B. don’t tease me about my hobbies. i don’t tease you about being an asshole 🙂

    III. they didn’t play pm dawn, but tell me why shi has pm dawn on her “current” ipod playlist lolol.

    May 23rd, 2010 | #

  3. shi was all like...

    1. i have no clue what you guys are talking about…

    B. Glee IS awesome. i need to bust out my pics from my show days =)

    III. yah no. my parents just plopped me in front of the tv to shut me up =) i don’t think i’ve ever read a Dr. Suess book. ive heard of green eggs and ham…but knowing what it is is another story =) and ps. it’s my “currently listening to” playlist! you know im a decade behind!

    May 24th, 2010 | #

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