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Posted on February 2nd, 2004 in Uncategorized

It feels weird to be home right now… I’ve been going to Chel’s house every night since her mom died. On the last day of prayer, I was sitting there looking at my aunt’s pictures on the fireplace mantle. I still haven’t fully grasped the fact that I won’t be seeing her again. She won’t be at the family parties tsismising with all my aunties… She won’t be there jokingly asking me if she could have some of my boobs (since she had to remove hers because of the cancer)… She won’t be there to ask me if Gerald is my new boyfriend again (since Edgar never used to go to my family parties before). My entire family has been spending so much time together going to nightly prayers at Chel’s house… even Edgar has gotten to know my aunties and cousins better (see, I wasn’t making him up! haha)… We’re all starting to go back to our regular lives (trying to, at least). I have a feeling we’ll be spending a lot more time together because of this tragedy. Our family gatherings won’t be limited to lola’s birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas any more… Chel said it best at my aunt’s funeral: “Tell your loved ones everything you want to tell them. Take them everywhere they want to go.” Tomorrow isn’t promised, so you should live every day as if it were your last. Chel also said something in her eulogy that I’m sure everyone else was thinking… “If I could’ve asked my mom anything before she died, I would’ve asked her how she made that pancit palabok.” We miss you and your palabok, Auntie…

I was the manager on duty for a while today at work. Skokie called me on the manager extension and was all, “Who the f*ck made you manager???” LOL. I was shocked myself… There’s this guy in the call center that always gives me the old stink eye. Last week, I got MODED by him for talking to Edgar on the phone while I was working… It’s been bothering me this whole week that this guy moded my ass, and today I saw an E-mail he wrote to another co-worker about it which made me even more mad… I know I’m not the only person who makes personal calls, and it bothers me that he gives me shit all the time. HATER NATION. Skokie says that I shouldn’t let him get to me, because we all have someone in the call center who decides they don’t like us and makes our work environment miserable, and I guess he’s just my personal misery-inducer. Skokie has his own misery-inducer, and she LOVES me. Haha. So I guess someone else had to hate me to balance it out. DBJ, homie… DBJ.

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