» One hell of a week.
One hell of a week.
Posted on February 15th, 2004 in Uncategorized

I’m SO sick (thanks, Sheenie! BLEH). I’m supposed to go snowboarding tomorrow. I always get sick right before I’m about to do something fun… How was everyone’s Valentine’s weekend? On Friday, I went to Edgar’s house for his dad’s birthday party. Everyone played Hold ‘Em for actual money this time. My broke ass just sat there blowing my nose the whole night. Fun times… Yesterday, I slept all afternoon since my meds made me hella drowsy… When I finally got up, I went down to Rosarito to have dinner with Edgar, Gerald, Scott, Chris, Arlene and her relatives. Dinner was expensive as f*ck, but it was a night of firsts… It was my first time going to MEXICO (even though I’ve lived in SD all my life) and my first time riding in a limo (Arlene’s brother owns a limo service, so we took two limos down there instead of taking all our cars). Edgar baked me cookies that spelled out “I ♥ U,” which is a pretty BIG deal considering Edgar doesn’t even know how to cook cup o’noodles. It was a sweet surprise 🙂 He really did TRY to make it a nice day for me, but I was sooo miserable from being sick. I hate being sick. You just can’t have fun when you’re sick… Right now I’m at Edgar’s house waiting for my sister, Jay and Jed to come over and bring me a Jamba Juice Coldbuster to bust my cold. We’re all gonna go to Mark’s housewarming later on tonight… This past week has been so shitty for me. It started off with the whole transferring debacle and ended with me being sick. Edgar has been taking care of me, though… and I’m just not gonna stress about school anymore. I think I have my mind set on transferring to Cal Poly Pomona instead of SDSU now… It’ll do me some good to get out of San Diego. I know that if I go to SDSU, it’ll take me YEARS to finish college since every f*cking major is impacted there… plus I’ll be less distracted in the OC than I am here in SD… I’ll be able to focus more on school and less on everything else. I have like ONE friend who actually goes to school down here, so I’m easily inclined to skip class or studying time to hang out with my friends who don’t go to school… And everyone’s growing up… doing their own thing. Gerald’s going to be deployed for several months… Michelle might be getting MARRIED and moving to Washington… Edgar might be leaving for the navy. I just don’t think I can better myself if I stay here.

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