» GUMMYI3EAR… AKA Freak Me ‘98.
GUMMYI3EAR… AKA Freak Me ‘98.
Posted on February 24th, 2004 in Uncategorized

During our random trip to Costco today, Jay asked me, “What does Freak Me ’98 mean?” OH HELL NO. Freak Me ’98. I haven’t heard that in six years. Apparently, I wrote that in Mike Le’s yearbook in high school, and Beejaye and Mike came across it recently. Has it really been six years? It took me a while to remember why the hell I would write that in Mike’s yearbook… then I flashbacked to a time when I wasn’t afraid to show some skin… when my hair was dyed light brown… when “the tighter, the shorter, the better” was my clothing standard… when I was known as GUMMYI3EAR. I went to the Sweethearts dance with Jay that year, and it was my first dance with a boy. Haha. I was wearing this short ass, cleavage-baring dress. When Mike saw me that night he was like, “Damn! I thought this was the Sweethearts dance, not Freak Me ’98!” LOL. I’m such a different person now. I can’t believe I used to dress like that… I guess we all have our phases. I’d post a picture of me from my hoochie days, but I think admitting it is embarassing enough. No need to throw in any crazy visuals! Haha… DBJ. I wouldn’t want certain old pictures of me circulating the internet.

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