» Milk from my suso.
Milk from my suso.
Posted on March 1st, 2004 in Uncategorized

I had a pretty good time last night. It must have been something in the fluffy chocolate chip cookies we ate. We were all acting a little loopy… Edgar offerred Jay milk from his suso, and I wouldn’t doubt it if Gerald threw back one or two or EIGHT brewskies before meeting up with us (maybe you should go outside! haha). What happened to the quiet, reserved Gerald I used to know? You must’ve left him in Riverside! We have to throw you a big, fat party before you leave for Bahrain… By the time you come back, I’ll probably be going to school in the OC… Michelle will be married and living in Seattle… and Edgar will be in the navy… somewhere… but I don’t know… A lot of things can happen in six months. Hopefully GOOD things. Anyway, I’m gonna head home soon and tackle my history and art homework. BOOOOO. Sorry I can’t come out and play, Sheenie! Hope you’re having fun at Inday’s baby shower…

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