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Moshi, moshi, anone.
Posted on December 27th, 2004 in Uncategorized

I haven’t blogged in a while, but not much has changed since my last post. I’ve been working like crazy trying to keep busy while I have no class and no Edgar. Christmas is finally over, and I had a pretty good time with my family this year. All of my crazy ass relatives and Chipset came over on Christmas. The boys got ROLLED by my cousin, Randy! Sorry, he’s a poolhall junkie AND a poker hustler =/ $230 is a shitload to win at a HOME game, boys… Good thing I didn’t try to get in on that. I’m dead money! Anyway, I got some damn good gifts! Jed gave me a $50 gift card that I can use to buy the Gilmore Girls Complete Season Two DVD (yeah, baby!). Jay gave me the Rooney DVD and an FM transmitter for the iPod my sister gave me. The other gifts were mostly monetary with the occasional Victoria’s Secret or Bath & Body Works gift set here and there (I ♥ girly stuff like that)… but the BEST gift was Chel’s lacquered mosaic tile creation of our original watermelon pose (complete with her sweatband and my fiesta print shirt with matching shorts). I ♥ handmade gifts! I ♥ store bought gifts, too, so keep that in mind when my birthday comes along in a couple weeks 😉 I’m pretty sure that Meehchelle and I are gonna have a joint birthday extravaganza. It isn’t set in stone or anything, but when was the last time we had a PARTY for our birthdays? We didn’t even go to Vegas or anything this year (okay, Meehchelle is going to Vegas for New Year’s, but I’m not!). We can probably have a little something at her house, since she has her own place and her neighbors aren’t nazis and her street isn’t redzoned (damn my neighborhood!). Just leave the night of the 15th open in case this extravanganza happens. If not, we can at least go to DINNER or something to celebrate our oldness. Haha… so Edgar comes home in ten days (segue isn’t really my thing). He called me on Christmas, and I hadn’t talked to him since he left a few weeks ago and I wasn’t expecting him to call me at all while he was away, so I was pretty shocked to hear his voice on the phone. I even cried. I was just really happy to hear from him. We talked about how I saw him in the audience on MTB on TFC (I’ve got it on tape for anyone who wants a peep at his fobulousness!) and how all my relatives kept asking me why he wasn’t at my house and then after a couple minutes, he got cut off because his prepaid card ran out. I talk to him online when he’s in Manila and he texts me every day otherwise, so it’s not like the other times where he would be gone for a month and I wouldn’t get a phone call or a smoke signal or even a fruit basket. He said he sent me a postcard, but it’ll probably get here after he comes home from the Philippines haha. Ahh, I miss that buttface.

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