» Attack of the avocado appetizer.
Attack of the avocado appetizer.
Posted on January 20th, 2005 in Uncategorized

Spring semester started at Southwestern today. It’s kinda weird to be back there during a regular semester, but I think I’m really going to enjoy it. My classes aren’t too difficult (FUN, even) and my teachers have all been approved at haha. I’m most excited about taking ceramics with PAUL BERGER 🙂 I had him for design class over the summer last year and I swear he changed my life. He is just this amazing teacher and person, and I left the class feeling INSPIRED. I decided that I might want to get my teaching credentials after my B.A. so that I can teach art. I want to be somebody’s Paul Berger. I want my life to have purpose and I want to inspire others, and I think I’ll be able to do that through art. I don’t even NEED this ceramics class, but I’m attending two three-hour sessions a week because he really is the most amazing teacher I’ve ever had. I hadn’t been back to Southwestern since the summer I took his art class, and I got all nostalgic being in the same classroom today. It smelled the same. One of the projects we did was still tacked to the wall. The same dingy, unclaimed sweater still hung on top of the ceiling beams. It was kind of sad, really. I took that design class with Pammie and Edgar, and I miss going to school with them. I was always really happy in Paul’s class, and I suppose I’m trying to capture the same feeling by taking another one of his classes. It felt really good seeing him today, and I’m very excited about the class, so I guess it’s working. His class is my last one in the afternoon, so I got in my car afterwards and turned on the radio and FRANZ FERDINAND was playing! That was me and Pammie’s theme song that summer. Paul always played 94.9 while we worked, and Pammie and I would get so amp’d when they played Franz’s “Take Me Out!” I think it was a sign 🙂 Anyway, I called Skokie to see if he was at home down the street and wanted some afternoon delight (AKA Yokozuna’s!) and he was at work, so I just went home and ate there. I had a few hours to kill before my night class, so I went to the gym to firm up my wobbly bits. Then I went back to Southwestern for my night class and got out early. I called up Edgar, but he and Jay were going to the gym, so I headed over to Grossmont to refresh Skokie with the Jamba Juice he kept asking me to bring him, and chilled for a bit. We had dinner at BJ’s Brewery (there goes all that cardio I did earlier!) where I was attacked by an avocado appetizer (because I don’t know how to eat without making a mess and using 10,000 napkins). I ordered the french dip (damn, I’m predictable!), but only ate half of it because I really wasn’t hungry. I was there more for the company than the food. I only got three hours of sleep the night before, so Skokie told me I should go home and sleep because I’m still sick and all… but I ended up going to Jay’s to hang out with the boys and give Edgar my leftovers. I went home around one in the morning, but now it’s 4:00 a.m. and I have to take Jay to his doctor’s appointment at 10:30 a.m. for his bum knee. I should probably go to bed now. I’ve really got to get into the habit of having a semi-normal sleeping pattern now that school has started.

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